Monday, August 30, 2004

Take This Job And Shove It...

... but I'm still workin' here, if thats OK with you.

I got's me the job in Kamloops!

I showed up, did some stuff in the morning with Steph around the town, and then decided to quickly drive up to where her Mom works and print off some resumes. Lo and behold, her computer system doesn't let her access my e-mail site, so I can't get my resume. I have to drive up to my friends parents place on the hill, and use THEIR computer. Their printer spits out 8 pages of slow-ass gibberish before finally giving me what I wanted.

I was 20 minutes late for lunch with Steph and Sleeping Kyle, but they didn't mind (or at least he says he doesn't. He was probably traumatized.) Sleeping Kyle works where I was applying. (A little History: Sleeping Kyle put himself through college working late nights at Panago as a delivery driver. Consequently, he got very little sleep, and caught up in class, absorbing knowledge by osmosis.)

I went to his office with him after lunch, where he introduced me to his boss. We walked into his office, sat down, and started talking. It was then that Dan Rink, one of the guys from my class and my good friend Tyler's cousin, walks in, sits down, and says "You know, Dad, this guy knows Tyler."

I am now a little floored. I looked again at the piece of paper in front of me, and sure enough, he's Mike Rink, my buddy's uncle. We start talking about Tyler, his brother JD, their mom Mary, and her brother Mike the Boss. That was pretty cool, and I think it may have helped my case (my case already being straight A's, and facility with numbers and computers.) He talked to Kyle, who knew me from class, and I think he may have talked to Tyler who has known me for ten years, or maybe he talked to Mary who has known me equally as long. Either way, he said the next day that he was excited about hiring me.

Hooray for me!!

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