Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ok, Ok, You Got Me...

... for a long time there, I stopped caring about my blog. I stopped caring about a lot of things, but the blog was the only one that people noticed. Thank you, interweb! :)

Well, I survived Christmas. Sebby was, inexplicably, the worst hellchild this year, throwing tantrum after screaming tantrum anytime ANYTHING went wrong. His train stops working? SCREAM! He doesn't get any cheese? SCREAM! We ask him to stop screaming? SCREAM!! It was pretty epic. Even so, he cleaned up in the toy department.

I bought myself a cool present... a solid oak Washburn copy 4-string bass, Bostom amp, and Danelectro bass overdrive pedal. Woot! I bought Throkky a TV, and 4 tickets to the Arrogant Worms in February, which works well, since it's three days before our quasi-anniversary. Best... present... evar! Well, I hope :)

I also got the entire Profit series on DVD. All eight crazy, insane, evil episodes with Jim Profit, the devil in a sharp Armani suit. It's gloriously awesome, and it's easy to see why they recieved a record number of complaints. FOX loved it, critics loved it, other shows loved it... and Middle America hated it, so it got pulled. The only place in the WORLD every episode got shown was France, where it was the smash hit of the year, 1996.

Anyways, going to be reviewing it when I am all done, but for now, on to review all the movies I saw!