Monday, August 30, 2004

Take This Job And Shove It...

... but I'm still workin' here, if thats OK with you.

I got's me the job in Kamloops!

I showed up, did some stuff in the morning with Steph around the town, and then decided to quickly drive up to where her Mom works and print off some resumes. Lo and behold, her computer system doesn't let her access my e-mail site, so I can't get my resume. I have to drive up to my friends parents place on the hill, and use THEIR computer. Their printer spits out 8 pages of slow-ass gibberish before finally giving me what I wanted.

I was 20 minutes late for lunch with Steph and Sleeping Kyle, but they didn't mind (or at least he says he doesn't. He was probably traumatized.) Sleeping Kyle works where I was applying. (A little History: Sleeping Kyle put himself through college working late nights at Panago as a delivery driver. Consequently, he got very little sleep, and caught up in class, absorbing knowledge by osmosis.)

I went to his office with him after lunch, where he introduced me to his boss. We walked into his office, sat down, and started talking. It was then that Dan Rink, one of the guys from my class and my good friend Tyler's cousin, walks in, sits down, and says "You know, Dad, this guy knows Tyler."

I am now a little floored. I looked again at the piece of paper in front of me, and sure enough, he's Mike Rink, my buddy's uncle. We start talking about Tyler, his brother JD, their mom Mary, and her brother Mike the Boss. That was pretty cool, and I think it may have helped my case (my case already being straight A's, and facility with numbers and computers.) He talked to Kyle, who knew me from class, and I think he may have talked to Tyler who has known me for ten years, or maybe he talked to Mary who has known me equally as long. Either way, he said the next day that he was excited about hiring me.

Hooray for me!!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

And On Thors Day, He Blogged...

... and he saw that it was vaguely interesting.

I'm packing, and cleaning, and more packing, and more cleaning, and listening to Darryll on Kids in the Hall. Now it's the wierd squeaky frustrated guy that Brucio does. Ahhh, what a show.

I'm also doing the laundry!

I still can't get Colonization to run on my bloody computer. I got FileMon to try and figure out what it was failing to reference, and it wasn't failing to reference anything. I checked out the WinG references in the win.ini and the system.ini. No-one can figure it out. It used to run on my old Windows 98 machine, but not it won't work on my home '98 computer, or my work '98 computer.

"What kind of restaraunt are you running here where you don't understand how time works?"

Bruce is the greatest.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Gloopid Fluoropope...

... I have already posted to this blog this morning, but when I hit the publish link, it did not publish. Instead, it came up with the "Publishing - 25%, 50%" graphics over, and over, and over, and over. Apparently one of the words was so big it couldn't fit through my cable connection. I let it go for ten minutes, but it just kept getting stuck. So here it is again in a nutshell, since I don't feel like doing another 500 words.

I am bored of Diablo II. I no longer like Diablo II. I erased Diablo II. I now have 2 more gigs of free space, though, which is pretty cool. I am just very sick of throwing thousands of hours of my life down the tubes on the computer.

This sums up my post this morning. Thank you.

EDIT - Hmm, as you can see below, it did publish. It didn't publish in the 15 minutes I checked it at home, but apparently it published at 7:18 am.... ten minutes before I wrote it. Keen!

Well, It Finally Happened...

... I got bored enough of Diablo II to erase it. I thought it'd be fun since it was a new ladder season, but that still means it's full of the retarded power-gamers and corrupted hacked items that made the last season suck so bad. I had some fun characters, but it's just the same runs over and over again. I know all the items, and I know if I get better characters I'll just kill the same things faster and faster.

So, the upshot of it is I have two more gigs of space on my computer. Hello, downloading Dragonball Z episodes!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Whole Worlds Against Me, Silent Bob...

... I swear to God.

I just found out that one of my fellows from EDDT got a job here in Kelowna. It is my complete dream job, working at designing unique houses for wealthy people. He has good hours, awesome pay, creative and intelligent co-workers, and he gets to design some pretty amazing things.

Here I just get to listen to people swear about how stupid other people are. Whee!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Oh, Hey, I Have A Blog!

What do you know! Turns out I wrote all this stuff, and then forgot about it.

Mostly, I've been too busy to write, but an odd counterpart to that is that nothing has happened to me that needs to be written down. Somehow my life is filled with things that are vital, time consuming, and un-noteworthy. Or at least un-noteworthy on a website my Mom reads.

So, whats new.... making tacos, listening to Will and Grace (I cant see the TV), and definitely starting to consider thinking about cleaning on some level... maybe.

Well, one neat thing is my boss has either a) decided it's time for me to show him what I can do, or b) is sick of me and is just finding makework assignments for me. He told me to handle the Sandpiper complex site plans, and make it really "pop", make it really "wow" the people he'll be showing it to. Trees, sidewalks, landscaping, etc. He said take as much time as I need, so I get the feeling it's just something to get me out of his hair while he does the important stuff.

Ah well... not much else to talk about, since no-one ever reads these.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Inexplicable Good Moods...

... are something that have puzzled me since it was first brought to my attention by Season 5 of Red Dwarf. The premise was that although there are negative virii, there are also positive virii, the most basic of which is a sort of reverse flu. Allow me to break copyright law:

Lister: "Thats happened to me. Me life's been turned to complete and utter crud, but I'll wake up feeling really good for no reason."

Kryten: "Odds are you contracted Dr. Langstrom's virus. 20th Century DJ's suffered from it all the time."

Now today has been just wonderful. I spend all morning fooling around with tiny little details of the legal plan because Doug is late and I have no work to do. He shows up, does a Whirling Dervish explanation of changes I have to make to the Happy Valley resort, and dashes off somewhere else. I get them all done, no problem, in time for the developer to come by and pick them up. Then the developer says "The tennis courts are still there. I wanted that to be a parking lot." I WAS NOT TOLD THIS, so I quickly make the changes while the developer hovers around. Luckily, he's a really nice guy.

THEN I get another Dervish explanation on things to do to a property downtown. Fine, no problem... except the drawings he give me have no names, no dates, and no filenames, so I dunno where the hell they are! I have to go through, file by file, directory by directory, on the server till I find the right one.

Now, in spite of all this, I'm happy. I'm in a good mood. I am stressed, cramping, my shoulders hurt, I haven't eaten since dinner last night and yet I am not hungry, but I'm in a good mood. Anyone know how to cultivate this virus? I might have a cure for heroin here.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I Also Hate Mondays...

... a little bit more than Fridays.

Mainly because tomorrow is Monday. I'll get up, and instead of hanging around my house, playing with my son, eating waffles, watching Spongebob (with my son, he likes it, not me, honest) and generally enjoying myself.

But no! I have to go to work and somehow figure out how to get the proper legals from the city, which probably aren't in an easily e-mailable format, and complete this stupid unified legal plan, where most of the existing numbers don't agree with eachother (See post below).

Also, I found out that a buddy of mine whom I helped a lot in EDDT got a job paying $28 an hour. Yes, thats more than double my pay, and actually more than my dad makes after 30 years, and he just does HVAC stuff. I got an A in HVAC.

Anyways, thats about it from me. I meant to write this weekend. I promised my wife I'd write 10,000 words since I had all this free time. Instead, I spent most of it playing Diablo II, which is odd, because when I stop playing and start doing something constructive, I realize I don't like it. Then I see the computer, sit down, and beat another Act. Then I go wash the dishes, and realize I dont like Diablo II. I also bought a 2 liter of Coke, which I quit three times this year. Four. Five. No more than seven, I swear. Ten.

Ever get the feeling life would be simpler if you just picked up and threw a WHOLE bunch of shit away, and never looked back?

Friday, August 13, 2004

I Hate Fridays...

... but only a little bit less than Mondays.

See, with a Friday, you drag through the day with those thoughts circling your head, the thoughts that like to say "At home, there's nothing to do." They say "Why can't your boss duck out early, so you can duck out after him?" They say "Soon there will be two whole days to forget about the five previous days."

Unfortunately, today, I had to deal with some serious pissers at work. Pisser #1 - While working on the redesigned roof-plan and east wing additions to the El Dorado hotel, my computer crashed. No big whoop, I had just saved. However, upon re-booting and re-opening, I found that, despite having saved already today, as well as saved last night, the drawing had actually reverted to it's original condition of yesterday morning! This is, of course, impossible. Wendy, the other CAD monkey, agreed it was impossible. My basic knowledge of electronics states that this is impossible. Still, it happened. Thank the Gods for that age-old computing rule of "Whatever you have done, and lost, can be re-done in 1/4 of the time." True enough, I had done it all again in 30 minutes.

Pisser #2 - I was given several legal plans today for a big parcel of land downtown. The folder of information is about 60 pages thick, each one a different size and in different hand-writing. There are five individual legal plots, each with it's own building, and my boss wants them all to be on one, nice drawing. Easy, right? ONLY TWO OF THE PLOTS HAVE BEARINGS! The other three have distances in either meters or feet, and of the two that have bearings, one is North-bound clockwise, the other is East-bound counter clockwise. All together now... WHAT THE F***?

Pisser #3 - I've owned Big Sugar - Heated for about two years now, and I've never listened to it till today. I bought it because I love their stuff and I have most of their mp3's. Most. There's a buncha songs on there I've never heard, which haven't enriched my life until today. DAMMIT! Now I gotta find Hemi-Vision, since I haven't listened to it, either!

Ok, that last one wasn't really a pisser, more of a minor annoyance. But now, it's all good! I just found out that Snagglepuss wasn't taken on Battle.Net. All of the names I think of are always taken, usually, but I got 6 good ones this time. Smirnov, the Ice Paladin... BrainMeat, the Berzerker... JabbaZabba, the Amazon... QueenSizedFlamer, the Fire Sorceress... Skelevision the Necromancer, and now Snagglepuss the Werewolf! (Yes, Snagglepuss was a cat, stfu.)

Uhm.... extra-big post for me! Yay!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

It's A Beautiful Day To Kick Your Ass!

For anyone who cares, I was sick as a dog who had just eaten another dog who was probably also really sick last night. It was all I could do to lay on the couch and say "Stop that Sebastian... ahh, never mind." Ever seen that Simpsons episode where Bart ate the Jagged Metal Krusty-O? It was just like that, yeah, except it was combined with a few days of drinking super-strong coffee and eating cowboy hummus (pretty much beans and jalapenos). That and the stress which is my life conspired to try and make me take my own life last night.

But I persevered! I pressed on! I perspired profusely! I purposely pontificated plentifully! I also had problems falling asleep because I thought I was in a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, but thats beside the point. I'm only KIND of sick now, as opposed to REALLY sick! HAH! Take that, reality!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Trying Out Image Uploads

See if this works.......

Nope. The Upload Image function brings up a little box that says "You can't upload images HERE! Do it somewhere else, where it's illegal!" I am, of course, paraphrasing.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why Can't Things Be Easy?

I mean, it'd be so cool if they were... I'd have more free time to selectively tackle the hard things. Right now, I'm just bitching to myself about how hard it's gonna be talking to Doug about the discontinuation of my employment here. He is becoming a generally nicer person, and the business around here isn't his fault, it just comes with the territory. In spite of that, I am not expecting to survive our encounter when I tell him that I want to move back to Kamloops.

I mean, sure, I want to find and train a replacement (the only guy to get higher grades than me is in town and looking for work) but I doubt he'll be able to see past the fact that I am quitting when I specifically said I wasn't going anywhere for a few years.

Ah well... these things happen.

Iiiiiiiiiiit's.... ME! Hooray!

So this is my newest new blog. I've gone through a couple of Blog websites so far, and they are all definitely above-adequate. However, I am not pleased with my adequacity. Adequatiousness is for other people, not me. I demand more than adequatification. I demand the ability to do cool text effects.

Yay me! So that brought me here. My wife found it. She's swell. I don't have much to write about now, because I am at work. I suppose I can write about work. It's pretty boring. I've spent the past hour wrestling with the DesignJet That Time Forgot, and finally getting it to print 66% of my blueprints. Unfortunately, the 66% is spread out in even 1/2" lines with 1/4" white gaps between them, so it's like a Mad fold-in with 200 creases. Mufuggin piece of crap....

Anyways, thats about it.