Sunday, August 15, 2004

I Also Hate Mondays...

... a little bit more than Fridays.

Mainly because tomorrow is Monday. I'll get up, and instead of hanging around my house, playing with my son, eating waffles, watching Spongebob (with my son, he likes it, not me, honest) and generally enjoying myself.

But no! I have to go to work and somehow figure out how to get the proper legals from the city, which probably aren't in an easily e-mailable format, and complete this stupid unified legal plan, where most of the existing numbers don't agree with eachother (See post below).

Also, I found out that a buddy of mine whom I helped a lot in EDDT got a job paying $28 an hour. Yes, thats more than double my pay, and actually more than my dad makes after 30 years, and he just does HVAC stuff. I got an A in HVAC.

Anyways, thats about it from me. I meant to write this weekend. I promised my wife I'd write 10,000 words since I had all this free time. Instead, I spent most of it playing Diablo II, which is odd, because when I stop playing and start doing something constructive, I realize I don't like it. Then I see the computer, sit down, and beat another Act. Then I go wash the dishes, and realize I dont like Diablo II. I also bought a 2 liter of Coke, which I quit three times this year. Four. Five. No more than seven, I swear. Ten.

Ever get the feeling life would be simpler if you just picked up and threw a WHOLE bunch of shit away, and never looked back?

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