Thursday, August 26, 2004

And On Thors Day, He Blogged...

... and he saw that it was vaguely interesting.

I'm packing, and cleaning, and more packing, and more cleaning, and listening to Darryll on Kids in the Hall. Now it's the wierd squeaky frustrated guy that Brucio does. Ahhh, what a show.

I'm also doing the laundry!

I still can't get Colonization to run on my bloody computer. I got FileMon to try and figure out what it was failing to reference, and it wasn't failing to reference anything. I checked out the WinG references in the win.ini and the system.ini. No-one can figure it out. It used to run on my old Windows 98 machine, but not it won't work on my home '98 computer, or my work '98 computer.

"What kind of restaraunt are you running here where you don't understand how time works?"

Bruce is the greatest.

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