Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Gloopid Fluoropope...

... I have already posted to this blog this morning, but when I hit the publish link, it did not publish. Instead, it came up with the "Publishing - 25%, 50%" graphics over, and over, and over, and over. Apparently one of the words was so big it couldn't fit through my cable connection. I let it go for ten minutes, but it just kept getting stuck. So here it is again in a nutshell, since I don't feel like doing another 500 words.

I am bored of Diablo II. I no longer like Diablo II. I erased Diablo II. I now have 2 more gigs of free space, though, which is pretty cool. I am just very sick of throwing thousands of hours of my life down the tubes on the computer.

This sums up my post this morning. Thank you.

EDIT - Hmm, as you can see below, it did publish. It didn't publish in the 15 minutes I checked it at home, but apparently it published at 7:18 am.... ten minutes before I wrote it. Keen!

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