Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why Can't Things Be Easy?

I mean, it'd be so cool if they were... I'd have more free time to selectively tackle the hard things. Right now, I'm just bitching to myself about how hard it's gonna be talking to Doug about the discontinuation of my employment here. He is becoming a generally nicer person, and the business around here isn't his fault, it just comes with the territory. In spite of that, I am not expecting to survive our encounter when I tell him that I want to move back to Kamloops.

I mean, sure, I want to find and train a replacement (the only guy to get higher grades than me is in town and looking for work) but I doubt he'll be able to see past the fact that I am quitting when I specifically said I wasn't going anywhere for a few years.

Ah well... these things happen.

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