Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Inexplicable Good Moods...

... are something that have puzzled me since it was first brought to my attention by Season 5 of Red Dwarf. The premise was that although there are negative virii, there are also positive virii, the most basic of which is a sort of reverse flu. Allow me to break copyright law:

Lister: "Thats happened to me. Me life's been turned to complete and utter crud, but I'll wake up feeling really good for no reason."

Kryten: "Odds are you contracted Dr. Langstrom's virus. 20th Century DJ's suffered from it all the time."

Now today has been just wonderful. I spend all morning fooling around with tiny little details of the legal plan because Doug is late and I have no work to do. He shows up, does a Whirling Dervish explanation of changes I have to make to the Happy Valley resort, and dashes off somewhere else. I get them all done, no problem, in time for the developer to come by and pick them up. Then the developer says "The tennis courts are still there. I wanted that to be a parking lot." I WAS NOT TOLD THIS, so I quickly make the changes while the developer hovers around. Luckily, he's a really nice guy.

THEN I get another Dervish explanation on things to do to a property downtown. Fine, no problem... except the drawings he give me have no names, no dates, and no filenames, so I dunno where the hell they are! I have to go through, file by file, directory by directory, on the server till I find the right one.

Now, in spite of all this, I'm happy. I'm in a good mood. I am stressed, cramping, my shoulders hurt, I haven't eaten since dinner last night and yet I am not hungry, but I'm in a good mood. Anyone know how to cultivate this virus? I might have a cure for heroin here.

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