Thursday, January 26, 2006

God-Damned Fucking SPAMMERS

Attention to all the people who find my blog "Inquisitive", and would like to tell me about being a park ranger, or give me advice on investing my money into penny stocks:


Seriously... to darreljones2541388358, christopherbenson9725, and all the rest of you... we don't go to your blogs. Please invent some sort of filter that keeps you off of blogs where the posters are intelligent enough to ignore you. Maybe a spellchecker... if you get less than 1% errors, assume the blog is being written by someone who isn't retarded, and move on.

Unfortunately, this is all so much screaming in the wind because there's no way to get rid of spammers, mostly because the people in charge don't really want to. They provide valuable search-enigne fodder and ad-click revenue. Spam is the corporation's best friend, and my undying nightmare. In honor of this, my pictures of the day will be as scary as I can find.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Canada Elects Zombie Prime Minister

You heard me.

Elected to a minority government, the Convervative party (Formerly the Conservative Reform Alliance Party, or C.R.A.P, I kid you not) has been elected tonight in Canada. Stephen Harper, the dead-eyed zombie leader of the Conservatives, is now our leader.

The man who said that although gays are sinning against God, they should not be unduly persecuted for their choices, has been elected by the people. However, the queers will no longer be allowed to marry, if he has his way. The tax cuts which he promised to introduce over the next few years will likely dematerialize as he tries to justify the increased military spending for "emergency situations".

Please bear in mind the above image is not actually photoshopped... that actually is the background at some of his press conferences. This man is now in charge of Canada, formerly the greatest country in the world.

This is going to be an interesting year.

There Goes My Winning Streak...

So people want me to have more money, and spend more money. THey upped our assessed property value by about $40,000, despite the fact that my lot is a 0.4 acre piece of crap, with the huge pine trees killing all the grass, and the gravel driveway mostly washed away, and rocks everywhere, and stumps. Woo, stumps.

Also, three credit cards arrived today. Our Home Depot credit card with $2000 on it, and no payments if we spend at least $450 at a time, as well as two Canadian Tire MasterCardcredit cards on a shared balance, with one for me and one for Throkky (which means she can now boy stuff online using HER credit card. I'll let her handle balance payments on her own purchases, so now when she goes to Ikea, I don't have to worry.

Also also, I haven't gotten paid for my Seniors Guide work yet. The publisher told me it was foolish of me to expect money from payables, since he was paying me with payables arriving that week... basically means it's foolish of me to expect money from... him. Wheee. I talked to the printer (the company, not the little laser-jet) about payment for their half-page ads in the next issue, and with luck I can collect from them shortly.

It's oodles of fun being an adult. Tonight I get to vote for the lesser of five evils, as part of living in a great country. I can no longer, in good conscience, not vote and claim it's a political statement, since for every vote, the party of my choice gets money for the next election. Therefore, my vote will be for the Greens, since it's still a statement that I don't have any faith in the main three parties. Unfortunately, I also don't want the Greens to actually WIN, but since they don't have a chance in hell, I feel safe throwing my vote away in their corner.

Pic of the Day: In honor of my friend Ronald Mack's great line concerning American politics, "Living in Canada is like having front-row seats to the Special Olympics... you don't want to look like you're enjoying it, but it makes you feel better about yourself..." I'm going to see if I can offend everyone else with this one.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

God-Boy Is Back In Town

Hung out with my buddy Jon last night. When I say the name Jon, most of my friends get a singular image in their heads... "God-Boy". "Lionbait" (Christian/Roman joke... he hates it). "Long-Haired Hippie Freak". Most of my friends know him only cursorily, and so don't really know him.

He just got back from Afghanistan, where he worked as a computer technician, and was occaisionally shot at with bullets and mortar shells. He also played in a band over there, saw Austrian heavy metal shows, hooked up with a hot Chinese babe, saw some unbelievable sights while on vacation in China, Prague, and Istanbul, hooked up with a hot Chinese babe (did I say that?) and generally did more living than anyone else I know. His collection of photos from the trip (which he better send me, OR ELSE!) is just staggeringly cool.

He got back, though, and realized something wholly depressing... everything is the same as when he left. He's still broke, still needs to get into college, still driving a car which might not last the week out, still needs money and a place to live, and still isn't fulfilling his life's dreams. It was as if he went on this vacation only in his mind, and came back with pictures and memories, but nothing has changed. He's still Jon, bass virtuoso, creative hippy, God fan, and all around nice guy. Far too nice to be doing what he's doing right now, but there you have it.

Also, in honor of him, the Pic of the Post is something downright offensive, but I hope he'll get a kick out of it.

So We're All Sick...

Sebby's Auntie Steph was sick earlier in the week, so he picked it up when they went for a big sub-zero morning walk around Mac Park. He slept during the day, and talked in his fitful sleep at night for two days befor egetting better and giving his cold to me. Throkky picked it up last night / early this morning, so we're all in just MAAAAAAAAAARVelous shape. I'm at work, working on one building, then I'll go home to work on another building, and then, Glod willing, I'll get paid for ONE of them.

*snnrrrkk* Not into typing.... pic of the day:

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Insert Fascinating Title Here

I miss television.

I moved my computer to the basement which is currently TV-less. Tonight, I might get around to splicing the cable, running it to my office, and hooking up the VCR so I can channel surf (since the TV only gets up to channel 13 on the knob). OR.... do I want to hook up the DVD player to watch DVD's? Because I have a lot of DVD"s... like eight kun-fu flicks, some bad black-and white horror, the entire series of Profit, plus the Robert DeNiro special edition set.

But I also like Simpsons, Futurama and Southpark. GYAHH! Decisions! Pity me!

Picture of the Post. Warning, it might take you a second, and it's kind of creepy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Welcome to Bitch Club.

If this is your first post at Bitch Club... you have to bitch.

So I've noticed something amusing over at my forums... probably half of the new threads started are all about "I'm going to do THIS, and it'll be cool because I'm special!" Half of the posts IN these sub-threads are usually "Dude, you're a retard, that's stupid, stop being an idiot, that's dumb," and a further third are along the lines of "dud your'e stupid and stuff you shouldnt do that you're an idiot lol rofl zomg!!11one11!!". God, that hurts to write.

This particular forum is about half idiots who get to be bitchy purely because they can't in real life. I'm all for the acting out of aggressions and stuff, but doing it online is a weak-assed way to do it. Anonymity is turning people into.. well, bitches. People are all doing everything they can to be NOTICED online, to have people TALK about them, to be respected, and 'special'. Then they spend the rest of their time trying to smack-talk other people, and try to somehow STEAL respect from one guy and redirect it to themselves, and the result is an ummature shouting match where no-one is willing to back down or be accountable for their words.

I think we need a new super-domain... instead of WWW, maybe start quietly distributing MMM to all of the smart people, and we'll form our own internet to get away from you people. Maybe you have to pass a basic literacy test to be allowed to use this Morld Mide Met, as I have dubbed it. I think you should have to pass basic literacy tests in grade school, but the Internet has showed me that this is simply not the case. There are people out there right now, renting you movies and bagging your groceries and defending you in court who are unable to properly use a single apostrophe in a sentence, or capitalize proper nouns, or even put letters into the proper order in words.

It's somewhat depressing.

With each post, I am now giving away a FREE PICTURE!! The picture below is 715kb, so give it a second to load. It's worth it.

EDIT: It won't let me post this awesome animated gif anywhere properly :( So instead, I bring you the following:

Avant Guard Is BACK, Baby!

That's right, the best game I've ever been in is back in business! Joe, the mastermind behind it, finally got into a place with a computer and stuff again, after some unpleasantness involving his widdle boy. The kid is doing better now (so I understand) and Joe (who is older than I thought, which somehow makes his gaming skills that much cooler) is back and ready for business! Yay!

In work news, we more or less got Nelson finally fleshed out with the structural engineer (although some things were discussed as having happened that I was COMPLETELY unaware of, as usual). I'm back to working on Squamish, and then... who knows! Good thing no-one reads me, I wonder if this is classified information.

Anyways, picture of the day:

Monday, January 16, 2006

Vengeance On The Dysfunctional Technocracy!

So our hot water tank broke. I don't mean it stopped working, I mean it broke suck that 40 gallons of rusty water (basically red paint) oozed out into our basement. Luckily, the floor drain WASN"T installed by retards, and it captured most of the water, but not before first directing it past the EXTENTION CORD which operates our gas furnace. No, no... don't ask, don't visualize. Just go with me here.

So I bought a new one, forwent the professional installation and good warranty, and paid my wife's dad a 40 of Silent to install it for us, thus saving me about four hundred bucks. He used to be an electrician, and he just built a massive house, mechanical systems and all, so I trust him actually slightly more than the professional installers. So far, it works, and our next bill should have a nice, substantial reduction.

Soon, we'll be replacing our wonderfully retarded furnace with a delightfully efficient dealie, which should cut our gas bills by nearly $3500 per year, OR, 1.4 times the price of our car, every year. Hooray, home ownership!

Picture of the day:

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fear My Son!


Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Got Home Office, I Got Home Office...

It's dark... it smells like paint (although I painted over a week ago)... there's barely enough room for my weight set, so one end of the bar is TECHNICALLY in the closet... but it's MINE!!! AAHAHAHAH!!! 94 square feet of MINE!!! AAAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Also, this is where Sebby will be playing most of his Carmageddon from now on, since we still only have my machine, and Throkky's machine. Ok, it's MOSTLY MINE!!! TWO THIRDS, AT THE VERY LEAST!!! AAAHAHAHA!!!!

Also, for anyone who knows their RPG's.... this is freakin hilarious.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's A Whole New Freakin Year!

Resolutions I plan to break this year:

1.) Stop drinking Coke. I had two Cokes at the farm, so I guess I broke this resolution, but I may amend it to include the qualifier "unless I'm at the farm".

2.) Excercise before and after work, which I didn't do today, but to be fair, I still have to move my weights into the office, and move my computer down there so I'll have music.

3.) Blog more often. Yeah, right.

4.) Review more stuff. I can do that.

5.) Finish "Soul Lenders". Yeah. Right. It could happen.

So, I start the year at a svelte 341 lbs, wearing wrist braces, with a bad knee and ankle on my right side, and shirts that rapidly stop fitting. Maybe my body is telling me something other than "feed me"...