Sunday, January 22, 2006

God-Boy Is Back In Town

Hung out with my buddy Jon last night. When I say the name Jon, most of my friends get a singular image in their heads... "God-Boy". "Lionbait" (Christian/Roman joke... he hates it). "Long-Haired Hippie Freak". Most of my friends know him only cursorily, and so don't really know him.

He just got back from Afghanistan, where he worked as a computer technician, and was occaisionally shot at with bullets and mortar shells. He also played in a band over there, saw Austrian heavy metal shows, hooked up with a hot Chinese babe, saw some unbelievable sights while on vacation in China, Prague, and Istanbul, hooked up with a hot Chinese babe (did I say that?) and generally did more living than anyone else I know. His collection of photos from the trip (which he better send me, OR ELSE!) is just staggeringly cool.

He got back, though, and realized something wholly depressing... everything is the same as when he left. He's still broke, still needs to get into college, still driving a car which might not last the week out, still needs money and a place to live, and still isn't fulfilling his life's dreams. It was as if he went on this vacation only in his mind, and came back with pictures and memories, but nothing has changed. He's still Jon, bass virtuoso, creative hippy, God fan, and all around nice guy. Far too nice to be doing what he's doing right now, but there you have it.

Also, in honor of him, the Pic of the Post is something downright offensive, but I hope he'll get a kick out of it.

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