Monday, January 23, 2006

There Goes My Winning Streak...

So people want me to have more money, and spend more money. THey upped our assessed property value by about $40,000, despite the fact that my lot is a 0.4 acre piece of crap, with the huge pine trees killing all the grass, and the gravel driveway mostly washed away, and rocks everywhere, and stumps. Woo, stumps.

Also, three credit cards arrived today. Our Home Depot credit card with $2000 on it, and no payments if we spend at least $450 at a time, as well as two Canadian Tire MasterCardcredit cards on a shared balance, with one for me and one for Throkky (which means she can now boy stuff online using HER credit card. I'll let her handle balance payments on her own purchases, so now when she goes to Ikea, I don't have to worry.

Also also, I haven't gotten paid for my Seniors Guide work yet. The publisher told me it was foolish of me to expect money from payables, since he was paying me with payables arriving that week... basically means it's foolish of me to expect money from... him. Wheee. I talked to the printer (the company, not the little laser-jet) about payment for their half-page ads in the next issue, and with luck I can collect from them shortly.

It's oodles of fun being an adult. Tonight I get to vote for the lesser of five evils, as part of living in a great country. I can no longer, in good conscience, not vote and claim it's a political statement, since for every vote, the party of my choice gets money for the next election. Therefore, my vote will be for the Greens, since it's still a statement that I don't have any faith in the main three parties. Unfortunately, I also don't want the Greens to actually WIN, but since they don't have a chance in hell, I feel safe throwing my vote away in their corner.

Pic of the Day: In honor of my friend Ronald Mack's great line concerning American politics, "Living in Canada is like having front-row seats to the Special Olympics... you don't want to look like you're enjoying it, but it makes you feel better about yourself..." I'm going to see if I can offend everyone else with this one.

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