Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Avant Guard Is BACK, Baby!

That's right, the best game I've ever been in is back in business! Joe, the mastermind behind it, finally got into a place with a computer and stuff again, after some unpleasantness involving his widdle boy. The kid is doing better now (so I understand) and Joe (who is older than I thought, which somehow makes his gaming skills that much cooler) is back and ready for business! Yay!

In work news, we more or less got Nelson finally fleshed out with the structural engineer (although some things were discussed as having happened that I was COMPLETELY unaware of, as usual). I'm back to working on Squamish, and then... who knows! Good thing no-one reads me, I wonder if this is classified information.

Anyways, picture of the day:

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