Thursday, February 23, 2006


... some of you may know that I do most of my Internet arguing on the VG Cats forum. Well, my arch-nemesis on this forum is a moderator named 'echoes'. Yes, he doesn't even capitalize his proper name. His grammar is terrible, his arguments are ludicrous, and he is quick to ban those who disagree with him. He is a teenager from Vancouver, and he somehow got made a mod.

No, scratch that. As of last night, he got made an ADMIN. That's right. He now has officially god-like powers on that forum. He can ban, lock, delete, and so forth, and no-one, not even the mods can stop him. I know for a fact that it's not going to be long before I am 'disappeared' from that forum forever, for good, mostly because echoes has made no secret of the fact that he hates me. He's banned me three times in the past, and erased my threads, edited my posts, and lied about it.

And he got made an Admin. Whoopee.

Realizing that this week, Black Mage also got upgraded in power, I whipped up this little image (Note: my forum name is Marble):

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pregnant Estrogenical Superpowers

My wife has somehow acquired superpowers from the cocktail of hormones currently running rampant in her system as a by-product of her various life-manufacturing processes. Thrice now she has snuck past me with catlike grace and maliciousness of intent.

The first such occurence was early last week, where me and Sebastian were waiting in the car for her to come out. I kept my eye on the rear-view mirror so that I could warn Sebby when she was near, so he could hide under his jacket. However, after several minutes, I grew worried, and looked around wildly... and she was at the bottom of the driveway, waiting for us, holding the mail. How she got by, I'll never know.

Next, she snuck out of the farmhouse and right up to her door, where again I was sitting with Sebastian, warming the car up. I didn't see her exit the well-lit house, or approach the door, and she scared the hell out of Sebby. After she got into the car, I explained about how her powers must have come about from the crazy biology of her baby bits.

Last night, she proved me right when I was sitting atr my computer, playing Colonization and checking my e-mail. I was minding my own business when from just a few feet to my right, outside my office door, I heard her say "Ninja powers". I didn't hear her approach, and it took a few seconds for my heart to get back to it's usual rhythm.

Curse her, and curse her super powers. In her honor, he's how to make a ninja disguise from your favorite concert tee.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's A Sad Day In The Universe

Andreas Katsulas, best known perhaps as Ambassador G'Kar from cult sci-fi hit Babylon 5, died today of freaking lung cancer. Possibly the best actor and the best character on that great show, he will be missed by fans from every reach of sci-fi-dom, as he was also recurring characters on 3 of the Star Trek series'. Unfortunately, I can't find ANYTHINg on Google Video to show you how cool he was, so I'll just say: Rent the series, and watch it through.

Secondly, I'm sure Jack Thompson's soul must be spinning in it's grave, since his crusade has now been joined by... you guessed it, hookers. Yes, old Jack now has the red light district in his corner as he fights to get smut and violence removed from our computer screens, and restored to the nightly news. I'm sure Jack will give them a good polling to see where they stand on the whole porn industry.

Lastly, can we stop sending shit to Australia? Seriously, they've had enough. Let them just be happy. Knock it off.

In honor of the last one, I bring you today's Picture of the Day, from Somniloquism. I claim no authorship of this comic, and please visit the above site so he gets paid and I don't get sued.

Monday, February 13, 2006

And The Lord Spake, "Wtf"

Does anyone hear that clapping noise?

In the news today, they're talking about all the ruckus, uproar, shenanigans and goings-on that have been caused by this cartoon doodle from the Netherlands.

Let me say this again.

In the news today, they're talking about all the ruckus, uproar, shenanigans and goings-on that have been caused by this cartoon doodle from the Netherlands.

We're clear on what's causing this? Good. What is that clapping noise?

Muslims the world over have been deeply offended by the image of the Prophet Mohammad wearing a bomb head-dress. They have responded to these outrageous claims that the Prophet condoned violence... by burning down buildings and killing white people. Hey, the clapping noise just got louder.

If your religious faith is so fragile that a newspaper comic doodle in a different country causes you to form a posse, an "angry mob", if you will, and go forth seeking bloody retribution, then I really don't think you have thought this whole "Live in peace with all peoples" thing through. Yes, criticism of Muhammad is often equated with blasphemy, which is punishable by death in some Muslim states, and yes, Muhammad went to war a couple of times when the existing government didn't like his ideals. But he was also chosen by God, and spoken to by the Archangel Gabriel, to correct and perfect God's religion upon Earth, and unless I've missed my guess, most of those wacky Biblical proverbs had to do with "being nice to people".

I figured out what the clapping is. Muhammad is smacking his forehead everytime something like this happens. After a moment, he turns with his bruised forehead and says to Jesus, "Dude, I totally get what you went through in the Middle Ages now." Jesus just nods, and goes back to his Nintendo DS.

It was so hard to find something for the Pic of the Post, but I hope you'll enjoy this following sin against humanity.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Throkkette, The Indestructible Baby

We're back from Vancouver, and from all of our worrisome and extremely short-notice appointments with counsellors, geneticists, perinatologists, fetal echo-cardiogram specialists, and so forth. The upshot of it is: the kid's probably fine. The fluid pocket is very small (3mm, roughly) and located against one ventricle, and doesn't seem to be causing any major distress. The baby's arrhythmia might be due to Steph's caffiene intake, so she's going to be cutting back further and I'm going to be cutting her pure Columbian with some decaf grounds. The kid is big, especially for a girl, and has some good kicking genes, in that she almost knocked the ultrasound wand out of the doctor's hand. Take that, medical science!!

So, Throkette has been given the stamp of approval, and in three months, she'll be moving into the room accross the hall. I hope she isn't noisy... I hate noisy roomates.

Picture of the Day: Isn't Mr. T just so cute?