Thursday, February 23, 2006


... some of you may know that I do most of my Internet arguing on the VG Cats forum. Well, my arch-nemesis on this forum is a moderator named 'echoes'. Yes, he doesn't even capitalize his proper name. His grammar is terrible, his arguments are ludicrous, and he is quick to ban those who disagree with him. He is a teenager from Vancouver, and he somehow got made a mod.

No, scratch that. As of last night, he got made an ADMIN. That's right. He now has officially god-like powers on that forum. He can ban, lock, delete, and so forth, and no-one, not even the mods can stop him. I know for a fact that it's not going to be long before I am 'disappeared' from that forum forever, for good, mostly because echoes has made no secret of the fact that he hates me. He's banned me three times in the past, and erased my threads, edited my posts, and lied about it.

And he got made an Admin. Whoopee.

Realizing that this week, Black Mage also got upgraded in power, I whipped up this little image (Note: my forum name is Marble):

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