Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's A Sad Day In The Universe

Andreas Katsulas, best known perhaps as Ambassador G'Kar from cult sci-fi hit Babylon 5, died today of freaking lung cancer. Possibly the best actor and the best character on that great show, he will be missed by fans from every reach of sci-fi-dom, as he was also recurring characters on 3 of the Star Trek series'. Unfortunately, I can't find ANYTHINg on Google Video to show you how cool he was, so I'll just say: Rent the series, and watch it through.

Secondly, I'm sure Jack Thompson's soul must be spinning in it's grave, since his crusade has now been joined by... you guessed it, hookers. Yes, old Jack now has the red light district in his corner as he fights to get smut and violence removed from our computer screens, and restored to the nightly news. I'm sure Jack will give them a good polling to see where they stand on the whole porn industry.

Lastly, can we stop sending shit to Australia? Seriously, they've had enough. Let them just be happy. Knock it off.

In honor of the last one, I bring you today's Picture of the Day, from Somniloquism. I claim no authorship of this comic, and please visit the above site so he gets paid and I don't get sued.


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Mighty Jalapeno said...

Lick me, you corporate whore.

Anonymous said...

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