Thursday, February 09, 2006

Throkkette, The Indestructible Baby

We're back from Vancouver, and from all of our worrisome and extremely short-notice appointments with counsellors, geneticists, perinatologists, fetal echo-cardiogram specialists, and so forth. The upshot of it is: the kid's probably fine. The fluid pocket is very small (3mm, roughly) and located against one ventricle, and doesn't seem to be causing any major distress. The baby's arrhythmia might be due to Steph's caffiene intake, so she's going to be cutting back further and I'm going to be cutting her pure Columbian with some decaf grounds. The kid is big, especially for a girl, and has some good kicking genes, in that she almost knocked the ultrasound wand out of the doctor's hand. Take that, medical science!!

So, Throkette has been given the stamp of approval, and in three months, she'll be moving into the room accross the hall. I hope she isn't noisy... I hate noisy roomates.

Picture of the Day: Isn't Mr. T just so cute?

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