Monday, February 20, 2006

Pregnant Estrogenical Superpowers

My wife has somehow acquired superpowers from the cocktail of hormones currently running rampant in her system as a by-product of her various life-manufacturing processes. Thrice now she has snuck past me with catlike grace and maliciousness of intent.

The first such occurence was early last week, where me and Sebastian were waiting in the car for her to come out. I kept my eye on the rear-view mirror so that I could warn Sebby when she was near, so he could hide under his jacket. However, after several minutes, I grew worried, and looked around wildly... and she was at the bottom of the driveway, waiting for us, holding the mail. How she got by, I'll never know.

Next, she snuck out of the farmhouse and right up to her door, where again I was sitting with Sebastian, warming the car up. I didn't see her exit the well-lit house, or approach the door, and she scared the hell out of Sebby. After she got into the car, I explained about how her powers must have come about from the crazy biology of her baby bits.

Last night, she proved me right when I was sitting atr my computer, playing Colonization and checking my e-mail. I was minding my own business when from just a few feet to my right, outside my office door, I heard her say "Ninja powers". I didn't hear her approach, and it took a few seconds for my heart to get back to it's usual rhythm.

Curse her, and curse her super powers. In her honor, he's how to make a ninja disguise from your favorite concert tee.

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