Monday, March 26, 2007

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch...

"Oh, MJ, you don't blog often enough!"

"Oh, Zalgon, why don't you blog more?"

"Oh, Topper, your blod hasn't been updated in so long!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get the picture.  People inexplicably feel the need to know what's pissing me off on a day to day basis.  On the other hand, it has occurred to me that this is the only place I really talk about what makes me mad, stuff I don't talk about on the forums (since they banned me) or on MSN (since they ignore me) or with Throkky (since she bans AND ignores me :) ).  Still, I only ever feel like blogging when I'm away from my computer, and something occurs to me.

Things like:

  • Stuff Zalgite says ("Will Dave come to the potluck, if he's done whining?")
  • Stuff Throkette does (Jumped down off of Zalgite's bed with not so much as a bruise)
  • Stuff that makes me mad (drivers, technology, patriotism, the world, the RIAA, drivers)
  • Stuff that makes me happy (bass, writing, and other stuff I don't do)
  • Stuff that makes me tired (drivers, Zalgite, Throkette, work, more work, drivers)
  • Stuff that makes me think (see: list of things that make me angry).
I know, you'd all like it if I would illuminate you all more on the inner workings of my brain, but to be honest, I don't feel like sharing what I don't fully understand, especially given the responses I've gotten from people over the past decade. Most of me is destined to stay locked away in my noggin, never to see the light of day, for the safety of the world at large, which means all that's left for me to talk about here is just whiny 'physical world' stuff that everyone already knows.


See, this is how I write when I'm sleepy and hungry.

Obligatory Amusing Youtube Video

Obligatory Youtube Video Of Awesomeness

Monday, March 12, 2007


I am really, really getting close to the limit with my co-'worker', whom I have gone off on here before.  Now not merely content with keeping his job despite massive unexplained absences, he's getting my boss to pay his thousand-dollar certification fee, and he CONTINUES to get mad at me for not doing his work for him, especially when he doesn't even explain to me what I am supposed to be doing.

I just have to vent, but it's not helping.  I am really mad.  I really, really want to hurt him.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

SO, My Son....

... and me, and my wife, have a sort of running gag about Steve.  Those of you who have seen the comic Scott Faulconbridge know who Steve is... he's reality-impaired.  Anytime we can't think of a name, or we want to call Zalgite something wierd, or we can't answer a question, we answer with "Steve".  We also got it from Steve the Pirate, a la Dodgeball.

Anyways, many of you know that I am a building designer.  This morning, my son asked me why my buildings looked like buildings, and I explained that buildings have to look like buildings.  He then told me that he wants me to name my next building Steve... and it has to be a human-shaped building, named Steve.  It also needs a ramp up, so you can drive into the belly, because Steve the Building is a hotel.  Steve the Building's feet are the basements, and you can live in his body, and look out his eyes and see other buildings, and keep food in his arms, because Steve the Building has lots of food.

He's awesome.

Song And Videos Of The Day: Al Gore and Bender - An Inconvenient Truth and Seymour Dog - I Will Wait For You

Friday, March 09, 2007

Link Testing 2!

Hows this work? Song AND Video Of The Day!  Buckcherry - Anything

Link Testing!

Ok, seeing if this code works right, too:

Link AND Video Of The Day: <a href="">Buckcherry - Anything</a>

The Power Of The Remote Blog

Guess what? To the untrained eye, me sitting here at my desk typing an e-mail actually looks like work! How sweet is this? Well, to answer my own question with an answer, I'd have to say "stupid mad sweet". That's really sweet.

So I'm now on a $100 corticosteroid puffer for what may be whooping cough (strangely, one of my employers, Bud, just got over this.... STUNNING COINCIDENCE!), as well as new-and-improved corticosteroid lotion for WHATEVER THE FUCK is on my arms.  If they call it "dermatitis" one more time, I'm gonna smack someone.  The best part, though, is although my physician still doesn't really believe I'm having seizures (since the referral form has quotes around the words "seizures", "typical", "low on sleep" and "thinks"... oi), he has finally referred me to a neurologist who actually specialises in epilepsy! My last neurologist had a 12 month waiting period... this new one? SEVEN WEEKS!  Yayyy!

I know, Throkky is keen to point out that they won't be able to do anything, and Grimsby is quick to point out that his are way worse than mine, but call me crazy (and some do), but I'd like to get some answers for once in my life.  I can't remember names or nouns with startling frequency now, my sleep is getting worse and worse, my stuttering is on the rise again, and I have various eye tics and twitches that are beginning to really annoy me, as well as nervous paper-shredding habits which a waitress at the pub pointed out a few weeks ago, after I had destroyed every single napkin without noticing. The doctor may not be able to help, and my seizures may not be as bad as other peoples, but guess what.... it's my brain, and I'm scared.

Ok, back to work.  Everytime I start typing, one of our drafters (who had been fired, but since no-one told him, he came back to work and now still gets paid, and strangely enough, I can't remember the name of the guy from Office Space in the same situation), gets up and walks over and STARES AT MY FREAKING SCREEN.  Buddy, when you've been here for two whole weeks without mysteriously vanishing for five days at a time, you can make comments about how I spend my time at work.

Song AND Video Of The Day: Buckcherry - Anything

Monday, March 05, 2007


... I'm sure you're all familiar of the practice of "Captive Suggestion", which is to say, forcing someone to experience ONE thing in order to get ANOTHER.  Point in case: the one thing that, statistically, the most people go to the grocery store to get most frequently is milk.  Thus, they put the milk as far away from the grocery store doors as possible, so that you must walk through each and every department to get there, and thus buy stuff you had not originally planned on buying.

At the new Save-On, though, it's shameless.  It's actually TUCKED into a little alcove at the back, between Bulk Foods and Coffee Creamers, with a little low ceiling, so it's like you have to LEAVE the grocery store, and ENTER the Milk Department.  It's remarkable in it's total lack of subtlety.  On the plus side, it did let me get two awesome cards for Throkky... one I gave to her last night, and the other I'm saving for the right time.  I'll ask Throkky to scan it in so I can share the disturbing sentiments of love.

Ok, back to work!