Monday, March 13, 2006

Goodbye, Gramma...

... we'll miss you.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's Just Like High School Again...

... the kid with the funny clothes is being singled out, made the center of attention, and then mocked. Mike, the boss, has asked me to dress nicer in the office because he has to trot me out to office meetings, and he'd like me to be a bit more formal than "jeans and polo shirt". So, last night, we went to Moores, and blew two hundred dollars on some nicer pants, and some nicer shirts.

Today, it's been pretty much non-stop:

"Christ, did your wife dress you?"
"Do you have a job interview somewhere?"
"You look like a gigolo."
"Got a thing for beige, do you?"
"You can wear more than brown and beige, you know."
"Got a golf date?"
"Trying to look better than us?"
"It's too cold to go golfing, Chris."
"We wear jeans on this side of the office, Chris."

And so forth. Good to know that dressing nicely is going so very, very well for me.

Pissed-off Pic of the Day:

Monday, March 06, 2006

Hooray, Depressing!

My grandma has demanded to be taken off of aggressive medical therapy, and have her feeding tube removed, and a bunch of other stuff, after her latest surgery to repair a perforated duodenal ulcer. We went down on Saturday night because my dad and aunt were going to do as she wished and we all wanted to see my Grandma for what might have been the last time. She wanted us to understand her decision, and accept it, and not try to harp on her about getting better and getting out of the hospital.

Then, true to my grandma's form, she is recovering DESPITE being taken off aggressive medication and her feeding tube. I'm almost positive she's angry about the whole situation. :) It's ok, you can smile about that last bit... anyways, she is being moved, hopefully soon, to a palliative care bed at Eagle Ridge hospital, a block from my aunt, where she will get slightly better post-op treatment than she is getting at Burnaby General.

Anyways, my grandma is 89, and has gotten four stents in three surgeries, as well as the duodenal surgery, in the past few months, and I understand her wishes. She says she's tired, and after seeing her, I know what she means... she can barely open her eyes lately, although my aunt says she was sitting up on her own and complaining about the nurses this morning.

Well... that's my granny. :)

Pic of the day is in honor of her:

Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Blog, It's Blog... It's Big, It's Heavy, It's Me....

This week's Userfriendly's have brought to my attention a few things about blogging, and why I bother.

1.) People rarely read me. I figure I have three readers, and everything in my blog is stuff I tell them on a daily basis anyways.

2.) I rarely know what to write about, hence the filler.

3.) The pictures I post are getting more attention than my prose.

Now, I'm still working on the "why I bother" part... deep down, I figure I need attention from another source: The Internet. I mean, I get a lot of negative attention here, and I thought a bit of positive attention might be just the ticket.

It hasn't quite worked out that way, since slightly less than half my comments are from spam bots, and the rest are either from my peeps at the Hizzy, or my wife.


Uhm.... I bought a compound mitre saw...

*sips his coffee*

I got nothing.

Here's a picture.