Thursday, July 05, 2007

What Sort Of Head?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A New Year, A New Life, A New Blog

So, I've been thinking... I'm not a huge fan of this blog anymore.  I don't feel inspired to write here, the color scheme is SO 2003, and I feel like all I do here is whine and bitch and complain, instead of what I should be doing, which is waxing philosophical and enlightening the masses (which is how my dad would describe whining and bitching and complaining, but whatever).  Therefore, I am going to be firing up a new blog, and best of all, it's NOT going to be one that you have to register to comment (unlike SOME blogging places *cough*LiveJournal*cough*).

I have been stockpiling free music and pictures, and I figure if I get myself on a real schedule, and stuff, I'll be able to keep on top of this one.  A new layout, new and improved spiffinosity... in fact, a whole new me.  I will post a link here at the top of this one, so people who only have this link can find my new one. Even so, I can't decide on a new name for my blog.  I've been Mighty Jalapeno for so long, it's all I know how to be.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Busy... Busier.... DEAD!

Ok, to sum up my immediate future:

I was on TV yesterday.  I'll be dropping off a blank tape at the studio tomorrow so they can put a copy of it onto a tape, then I'll find some way to put the tape onto a viewable format, and then upload it onto YouTube (I might be such a cheap bastard that I'll just aim the camera at the TV and record it that way).  Since then I've gotten 96 unique hits on my website, and one interested party looking into straw bale homes.  Consequently, I really have to finish the website ( ).

Nextly.... that's a word, right? Nextly, I have to get my boards and presentation material AND Powerpoint stuff ready for the Energy Fair, where I will be touting said business for eight hours to people interested in energy efficient housing.  I also have to give a presentation to all of them at some point without barfing on myself.

Thirdly, I have to make up my half-page advertisment for the booklet that's being distributed by the thousands AT the fair.

Fourthly, the Seniors Guide ( ) is up and running again, and I have to complete the Victoria guide in about three weeks, on top of everything else I'm doing here.

Fifthly, I am really behind on my writing projects, which I have been putting off like crazy.

Sixthly, I have a full-time job at work, and a full-time job at home, plus yard work and farm work.

Seventhly, I have to go over here and die a little inside.


So, to everyone who keeps bugging me and bugging me to blog.... there, I blogged, now shut the fuck up.

Monday, May 07, 2007


... I finally got a good night's sleep, and my stomach finally isn't sending shooting pains from my ass through to my eyeballs, so all in all, I think it's safe to call today "Recovery Day #1".  With any luck, tomorrow will be "Exercise Day #1", assuming, of course, Throkette either miraculously stays asleep in her crib all night (like she did last night.... wierd), or Throkky lets me put her on the mattress in her room.  Whoopee!

Also.... I think that, after 18 years, thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and millions of kills.... I think I'm finally getting bored of the computer! I mean, over the past week, I've only set up my laptop at home twice.  At first that was because I was too busy to sit down for a minute to check my forums or anything, but then it just became because there wasn't anything I really, really wanted to do.  I can't find my "The Movies" disc, and it's driving me NUTS, because now I'm afraid I have to go buy a new one to replace the one I got for Christmas that I used for all of 45 minutes.... but other than that, and a few writing projects in my head, there's nothing I feel like doing on the computer.  Chatting on the forums has lost it's luster, my blog is just self-gratification (and you're ALL watching!) and most of my games now bore the whatever out of me.

I think... I'm finally bored of computers.

This couldn't have happened at a better time.  Now when I look at my computer, I think "I should really work on my CCG", or "I should work on my website", or "I should talk to building suppliers and start building a catalogue" or "I should work on a story", or "I should play a little Alpha Centauri..."


What? I love that game.

Anyways, this is a break through (or a break down? MAYBE!!!) for me, and I hope it means positive things.  I can't handle many more negative things.

And now, I'm off to save a building from imminent collapse.  Cadmonkey, AWAY!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Allright, Confession Time

Over the past three months, between the wonderful joys of working my day job, doing the Seniors Guide, handling Throkette during the evenings and nights, getting ThinkTank Designs off the ground, and generally making sure we have enough money to keep us from becoming destitute, I've let my diet and activity levels slide.  Those of you who knew me before are probably thinking "Yeah, but you were already at rock bottom, how much could you have slid?"

Quite a bit.

I myself have noticed quite a bit of chunking-up in the past few months, something I've never actually NOTICED before (it's never happened fast enough for me to ever look down and think "I look bigger than I did not too long ago...") It's always been a slow, steady climb.  Lately, though, I have most definitely noticed extra weight.  I'll spare you all any gross details, but needless to say... it's there.  Now, Throkky has somewhere between bupkis and zero self-censoring ability, so either she actually hasn't noticed that I've gained weight (and volume), or she has discovered the ability to be tactful about it (insofar as her constant jabs about my weight and excercise haven't increased, but stayed at their steady roughly-one-a-day pace). 

Zalgite had been on a tremendous excercise-and-healthy-eating kick lately, due in no small part to a couple books we've read together as well as the discovery that healthy foods TASTE good (mangoes! asparagus! red onions! nine different kinds of apple!)  He is constantly asking me who is winning the "Trying New Food Race, Where Whoever Tries Everything Except Brussel Sprouts Wins" (he hates brussel sprouts), and I reply that he is.   I am moving less and less from my desk at work, and there are painful and persistent leg-kinks whenever I actually get up to get coffee, or walk to the car.  I estimate I walk less than 3000 steps in a day (probably nearer 2000, and that's generous), and my diet consists mostly of:  coffee, coffee, coffee, fast-food or restaraunt-food, maybe a sandwich, coffee, pop, coffee, coffee, dinner, then assorted snacks, then bed.  Periodically throw in cookies, Easter candy, more pop, and occaisionally a banana.

Throkette is FINALLY sleeping through the nights (most nights, diaper-permitting) with a better than 50% rate, to the point where if I wake up at six am, it's because I WANTED to, not because someone is screaming at me.  Because of this, I am going to start excercising in the morning, which is really my only time to get stuff done (evenings are taken up with chores, kids, the occaisional must-see TV show, e-mail, and sleeping).  Now, I know I've said this before, but the stabbing pains in my knees, ankles, and entire gastrointestinal tract are sort of gently reminding me that if I don't do it now, I'm probably never going to start.

Does anyone out there have any advice to actually STICKING with a diet and excercise regime?  I do it for, tops, four days at a time and then backslide back to my neutral position (or right now, backslide to my fat-ass-McAmerican position), and I fully acknowledge that I suck when it comes to quitting food, and moving when I don't have to.

I'll be checking ShinyStat to see if anyone reads this.

Huh, it seems that my bad diet stemmed from this sickness and this response to it. That was the last time I felt "good", when I got over that... whatever the hell it was. I feel the same way now, for some reason.... at Coopers, wandering the aisles, all I bought was juice and yogurt. EVERYTHING ELSE looked nasty (even microwave popcorn... and I'm a man who loves his microwave popcorn).

ShinyStat Saves The Day

According to ShinyStat, fully 66% of the site hits on this blog are.... me.  That means for every two times I go to my blog, one other person does.  Throkky did so last night for some reason, and a guy I know named Seven went here a few days ago, so with the four times I came here to find links I'd posted, that accounts for everyone.


See, this means I can write violent and disturbing things here, because no-one will read them.  See, if you write violent and/or disturbing things, and someone reads them, you could go to jail, although since I'm not Asian, I should be safe.  Now, it is argued that he should have censored himself because the VA attacks had been so recent, but really, the teacher specifically asked the students to write what they were thinking, what they were feeling, to write anything.  Nothing this kid wrote was threatening... just sort of creepy and gross.  You know, the same stuff that makes Hollywood billion$ and makes Stephen King a household name.  When it's a quiet, well-liked straight-A Asian kid with aspirations of joining the Marines, then you kick him out of school, and send the police to his home.

Good to know.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Or rather, FACEBOOK!

Geoffy, aka Mona, wouldn't shut up about it, so I joined up, and have had way better luck at tracking down people I knew in high school than I did on MySpace (piece of CRAP) or anywhere else.  So, add me!


Monday, April 16, 2007


... a few things have happened!

Last night, we witnessed the most severe case of road-rage ever (for me, at least).  We passed a guy on the highway who was pulled off to the side of the road, but he leapt over the retainment and into his car right when we passed him.  About a click or two down the road, he comes up beging us about about 150 or 160, and starts flashing the highbeams DIRECTLY behind me.  Ok, dickwad, I start to pull over, but he FLIES past me on the inside lane.  Uhm... ok, fella.  Then, he pulls up behind a truck right in front of us, and does the same thing... highbeams, then passing.  Once he pulls BACK in front of the truck, though, he slows down... 120... 110... 100.... 90... 80... semi trucks are now passing, and I'm scared to pass the truck/BMW pairing, who obviously have something personal going on, because the BMW is swerving like mad.  Eventually, the truck, and then me, pass the BMW.  Shortly, though, the BMW SOARS past me, and pulls alongside thr truck, and they BOTH begin to slow down to 80, then 70!  Obviously, some sort of heated exchange is going on between the drivers.  BMW pulls in front AGAIN and slows down, and I pass them both.  Thankfully, they both slowed down to 60 or so, and we never saw them again.  One phone call later (Small BMW convertible, drunk driver, license place 077-AMS), and we were home, safe and sound.  Now, two options...

1.) He was drunk
2.) That's how he drives when he's SOBER.

Both are terrifying.

Also, I have just now decided to make my own CCG.... Not sure what it's called, but it's going to consist of religions, the same way Magic consists of colors.  And yes, "Flying Spgahetti Monster" and "Aetheist" will be represented, as well as Buddhism, Hindu, Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and more if I can think of them.  There will be a variety of cards for each (Do you play "Loving" Christian, or "Fundie" Christian?), and "mana" will be replaced with "believers".

So.... going to hell, or what?

Video Hilarity Of The Day - Why Are My Fingers Little People?!? (Note: all voices are the same guy)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zalgitism Of The Day

Zalgite: "I want my underpants made out of candy, so I can eat them when I'm done."
Throkky: "I don't think you want to eat anything that's touched your bum."
Zalgite: "Oh, that's a good idea.  Ok, normal underpants."

I love's him so much.

One of the best AMV's I've seen in a while... Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever?

Monday, April 09, 2007

There Are No Words

Read my previous post, below, and then read this....

.... M is HERE AT WORK.