Monday, March 26, 2007

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch...

"Oh, MJ, you don't blog often enough!"

"Oh, Zalgon, why don't you blog more?"

"Oh, Topper, your blod hasn't been updated in so long!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get the picture.  People inexplicably feel the need to know what's pissing me off on a day to day basis.  On the other hand, it has occurred to me that this is the only place I really talk about what makes me mad, stuff I don't talk about on the forums (since they banned me) or on MSN (since they ignore me) or with Throkky (since she bans AND ignores me :) ).  Still, I only ever feel like blogging when I'm away from my computer, and something occurs to me.

Things like:

  • Stuff Zalgite says ("Will Dave come to the potluck, if he's done whining?")
  • Stuff Throkette does (Jumped down off of Zalgite's bed with not so much as a bruise)
  • Stuff that makes me mad (drivers, technology, patriotism, the world, the RIAA, drivers)
  • Stuff that makes me happy (bass, writing, and other stuff I don't do)
  • Stuff that makes me tired (drivers, Zalgite, Throkette, work, more work, drivers)
  • Stuff that makes me think (see: list of things that make me angry).
I know, you'd all like it if I would illuminate you all more on the inner workings of my brain, but to be honest, I don't feel like sharing what I don't fully understand, especially given the responses I've gotten from people over the past decade. Most of me is destined to stay locked away in my noggin, never to see the light of day, for the safety of the world at large, which means all that's left for me to talk about here is just whiny 'physical world' stuff that everyone already knows.


See, this is how I write when I'm sleepy and hungry.

Obligatory Amusing Youtube Video

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Stephanie said...

you blogged. That's so cute!

Mighty Jalapeno said...

Thank you, Sweetie.

Thank you.