Saturday, March 10, 2007

SO, My Son....

... and me, and my wife, have a sort of running gag about Steve.  Those of you who have seen the comic Scott Faulconbridge know who Steve is... he's reality-impaired.  Anytime we can't think of a name, or we want to call Zalgite something wierd, or we can't answer a question, we answer with "Steve".  We also got it from Steve the Pirate, a la Dodgeball.

Anyways, many of you know that I am a building designer.  This morning, my son asked me why my buildings looked like buildings, and I explained that buildings have to look like buildings.  He then told me that he wants me to name my next building Steve... and it has to be a human-shaped building, named Steve.  It also needs a ramp up, so you can drive into the belly, because Steve the Building is a hotel.  Steve the Building's feet are the basements, and you can live in his body, and look out his eyes and see other buildings, and keep food in his arms, because Steve the Building has lots of food.

He's awesome.

Song And Videos Of The Day: Al Gore and Bender - An Inconvenient Truth and Seymour Dog - I Will Wait For You

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