Monday, January 16, 2006

Vengeance On The Dysfunctional Technocracy!

So our hot water tank broke. I don't mean it stopped working, I mean it broke suck that 40 gallons of rusty water (basically red paint) oozed out into our basement. Luckily, the floor drain WASN"T installed by retards, and it captured most of the water, but not before first directing it past the EXTENTION CORD which operates our gas furnace. No, no... don't ask, don't visualize. Just go with me here.

So I bought a new one, forwent the professional installation and good warranty, and paid my wife's dad a 40 of Silent to install it for us, thus saving me about four hundred bucks. He used to be an electrician, and he just built a massive house, mechanical systems and all, so I trust him actually slightly more than the professional installers. So far, it works, and our next bill should have a nice, substantial reduction.

Soon, we'll be replacing our wonderfully retarded furnace with a delightfully efficient dealie, which should cut our gas bills by nearly $3500 per year, OR, 1.4 times the price of our car, every year. Hooray, home ownership!

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