Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Got Home Office, I Got Home Office...

It's dark... it smells like paint (although I painted over a week ago)... there's barely enough room for my weight set, so one end of the bar is TECHNICALLY in the closet... but it's MINE!!! AAHAHAHAH!!! 94 square feet of MINE!!! AAAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Also, this is where Sebby will be playing most of his Carmageddon from now on, since we still only have my machine, and Throkky's machine. Ok, it's MOSTLY MINE!!! TWO THIRDS, AT THE VERY LEAST!!! AAAHAHAHA!!!!

Also, for anyone who knows their RPG's.... this is freakin hilarious.


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Mighty Jalapeno said...

Dude, knock it off. No spamming. Lick me.