Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Welcome to Bitch Club.

If this is your first post at Bitch Club... you have to bitch.

So I've noticed something amusing over at my forums... probably half of the new threads started are all about "I'm going to do THIS, and it'll be cool because I'm special!" Half of the posts IN these sub-threads are usually "Dude, you're a retard, that's stupid, stop being an idiot, that's dumb," and a further third are along the lines of "dud your'e stupid and stuff you shouldnt do that you're an idiot lol rofl zomg!!11one11!!". God, that hurts to write.

This particular forum is about half idiots who get to be bitchy purely because they can't in real life. I'm all for the acting out of aggressions and stuff, but doing it online is a weak-assed way to do it. Anonymity is turning people into.. well, bitches. People are all doing everything they can to be NOTICED online, to have people TALK about them, to be respected, and 'special'. Then they spend the rest of their time trying to smack-talk other people, and try to somehow STEAL respect from one guy and redirect it to themselves, and the result is an ummature shouting match where no-one is willing to back down or be accountable for their words.

I think we need a new super-domain... instead of WWW, maybe start quietly distributing MMM to all of the smart people, and we'll form our own internet to get away from you people. Maybe you have to pass a basic literacy test to be allowed to use this Morld Mide Met, as I have dubbed it. I think you should have to pass basic literacy tests in grade school, but the Internet has showed me that this is simply not the case. There are people out there right now, renting you movies and bagging your groceries and defending you in court who are unable to properly use a single apostrophe in a sentence, or capitalize proper nouns, or even put letters into the proper order in words.

It's somewhat depressing.

With each post, I am now giving away a FREE PICTURE!! The picture below is 715kb, so give it a second to load. It's worth it.

EDIT: It won't let me post this awesome animated gif anywhere properly :( So instead, I bring you the following:


Anonymous said...

Do we get to bitch as well?

lostdwarf said...

Where do we sign up for an MMM?