Friday, August 13, 2004

I Hate Fridays...

... but only a little bit less than Mondays.

See, with a Friday, you drag through the day with those thoughts circling your head, the thoughts that like to say "At home, there's nothing to do." They say "Why can't your boss duck out early, so you can duck out after him?" They say "Soon there will be two whole days to forget about the five previous days."

Unfortunately, today, I had to deal with some serious pissers at work. Pisser #1 - While working on the redesigned roof-plan and east wing additions to the El Dorado hotel, my computer crashed. No big whoop, I had just saved. However, upon re-booting and re-opening, I found that, despite having saved already today, as well as saved last night, the drawing had actually reverted to it's original condition of yesterday morning! This is, of course, impossible. Wendy, the other CAD monkey, agreed it was impossible. My basic knowledge of electronics states that this is impossible. Still, it happened. Thank the Gods for that age-old computing rule of "Whatever you have done, and lost, can be re-done in 1/4 of the time." True enough, I had done it all again in 30 minutes.

Pisser #2 - I was given several legal plans today for a big parcel of land downtown. The folder of information is about 60 pages thick, each one a different size and in different hand-writing. There are five individual legal plots, each with it's own building, and my boss wants them all to be on one, nice drawing. Easy, right? ONLY TWO OF THE PLOTS HAVE BEARINGS! The other three have distances in either meters or feet, and of the two that have bearings, one is North-bound clockwise, the other is East-bound counter clockwise. All together now... WHAT THE F***?

Pisser #3 - I've owned Big Sugar - Heated for about two years now, and I've never listened to it till today. I bought it because I love their stuff and I have most of their mp3's. Most. There's a buncha songs on there I've never heard, which haven't enriched my life until today. DAMMIT! Now I gotta find Hemi-Vision, since I haven't listened to it, either!

Ok, that last one wasn't really a pisser, more of a minor annoyance. But now, it's all good! I just found out that Snagglepuss wasn't taken on Battle.Net. All of the names I think of are always taken, usually, but I got 6 good ones this time. Smirnov, the Ice Paladin... BrainMeat, the Berzerker... JabbaZabba, the Amazon... QueenSizedFlamer, the Fire Sorceress... Skelevision the Necromancer, and now Snagglepuss the Werewolf! (Yes, Snagglepuss was a cat, stfu.)

Uhm.... extra-big post for me! Yay!

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