Monday, August 23, 2004

Oh, Hey, I Have A Blog!

What do you know! Turns out I wrote all this stuff, and then forgot about it.

Mostly, I've been too busy to write, but an odd counterpart to that is that nothing has happened to me that needs to be written down. Somehow my life is filled with things that are vital, time consuming, and un-noteworthy. Or at least un-noteworthy on a website my Mom reads.

So, whats new.... making tacos, listening to Will and Grace (I cant see the TV), and definitely starting to consider thinking about cleaning on some level... maybe.

Well, one neat thing is my boss has either a) decided it's time for me to show him what I can do, or b) is sick of me and is just finding makework assignments for me. He told me to handle the Sandpiper complex site plans, and make it really "pop", make it really "wow" the people he'll be showing it to. Trees, sidewalks, landscaping, etc. He said take as much time as I need, so I get the feeling it's just something to get me out of his hair while he does the important stuff.

Ah well... not much else to talk about, since no-one ever reads these.

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