Thursday, September 16, 2004

So There I Was...

... walking along, minding my own business, when I found irrefutable evidence that mankind has moved past the apex of intelligence. Parked in front of the Keg next to my office was a very nice car, the Mazra RX-8. If ever a car looked like it was lying in wait to pounce on and devour some small mammal that happened to wander by, it was this car. That actually made me feel good, but it was the vanity plates that really irked me.

The read "RX-8".

Now, I'm all for vanity plates, since the money is collected as government funds, and Lord knows they need more money, what with giving themselves big bonuses and shutting down low-income housing. But the car clearly says RX-8 on three sides, do you need further identification? Jeez, this guy could have written for 'Friends', he was so creative.

Also, I found the Fountain of Youth over the weekend. If we could somehow brew a tea from the dried remains of Keith Richards, it would undoubtedly bestow the same limitless lifespan and invulnerabilities. True, he is still 'alive', but I'm sure he'd survive the brewing process.


I forgot to add this morning: birds are stupid. Biking along to work, the sidewalk juts out around an exterior seating area of a small restaraunt. I zoom around it, and as I found the final bit of curve, a tiny bits takes off like a shot fromthe pavement (sleeping or eating, I don't know.) Anyway, it's off like a shot and slams right into a parking meter with a "bong" I hear over the melodious sounds of "Foo Fighters - Good Grief" playing over my headphones. It jigs sideways for a few feet, corrects, and keeps going on it's original course.

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