Thursday, September 02, 2004

Oh Crikey...

... they finally, really, screwed it up.

They're making a freaking Aeon Flux movie. I mean... just... buh... HOW in the hell could anyone have possibly watched the cartoon, and thought to themselves, "You know what the world needs? This, done live action, feature length, with Charlize Theron."

Holy snap and crap, Jebus, what were they thinking? Topping things off, this is being written by the guy who wrote The Tuxedo. Yes, the Jackie Chan childrens epic about a magic.... tuxedo. It's being produced by the guy who did Pootie Tang and Jackass: The Movie. And need I point out, FREAKING Charlize Theron!? Come on, there had to be somebody less Aeon-like they could have gotten.... maybe Mike Meyers.

Well, on the plus side, Peter Jackson's company is doing Evangelion Neon Genesis, so that'll be sweet.

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