Wednesday, November 08, 2006

White People Suck

So last night, I got to endure something I put my mom through about twenty-two years ago, when I was the same age as my son is now. Here is now my best reconstruction of the Adorable Quote Of The Day, as it occurred last night at Taka Sushi:

Me: Uhm, not sure which nigiri I want.
Waitress: Well, what have you tried?
Son: Dad, can I ask a question?
Me: (thinking that it's about more rice) Sure.
Son: Why does she talk so different?
Me: (staring at menu) Uhm..... uhm... that's a hard question...
Waitress: (smiling) Because I am from China.
Wife: You see, like our friend G is from Poland, and he has an accent, this lady is from China, and she has an accent.
Me: Uhm, I've had Tai Nigiri a few times...
Waitress: (with a big smile) It's ok, he's just curious.
Me: (trying to crawl into the menu) Tobiki, maybe...
Son: (now covering his mouth and making loud growling noises, for some unknown reason)

This is comparable to me talking to my mom while walking through Marpole about 20 years ago, and me asking VERY loudly on a fairly crowded street where we were the only white people...

Me At Age Four: What do you mean, nationality?

You got me, Mom. It took you twenty years, but you got me.

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lostdwarf said...

My mom always told me that I should be nicer to her because any grief I ever gave her would come back to me two-fold.

I don't think I'm ever going to have children.