Friday, November 10, 2006

Important News!

Since no-one reads my reviews, I have decided to simply cut the charade and merge the reviews. That way, people can continue to not get all their unimportant information in the same place! Thusly, I will now link to all my reviews, for easy sorting.

Movie Reviews: Fearless & The Protector

Television Review: The New Shows

Music Review: Top Five Review - "Rock"

Music Review: Top Five Review - "Metal"

Music Review: Wierd Cover Songs

Holiday Review: Valentines Day

Television Review: Childrens Programming Part II

Literary Review: The Selected Works Of Dean Koontz

Cuisine Review: Beef Stroganoff

Biology Review: The Common Fucking Cold

Game (P)Review: Colonization II (2007)

Holiday Review: Christmas

Movie Review: Nothing

Movie Review: Team America, World Police

Movie Review: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Movie Review: The Cave

Music Review: Clutch - Robot Hive / Exodus

Movie Review: Four Brothers

Movie Review: The Island

Movie Review: Batman Begins

Movie Review: Sin City

Movie Review: Ong-Bak, The Thai Warrior

Movie Review: Ocean's Twelve

Game (P)review: Master of Orion III

Movie Review: Blade Trinity

Television Review: The Daily Show

Political Review: Jury-Draw Governmental Elections

Television Review: Childrens Programming

Game Review: The Works of Sid Meier

Movie Review: Suspect Zero

Social Review: Politics

Music Review: Monster Magnet, Last 3 Albums

Society Review: Money

Science Review: Air

Nature Review: Chickens

Music Review: Clutch - Blast Tyrant

Also, thanks to Mothshade for actually READING BACK, for some reason, and commenting! It gives me a warm, fuzzy, stalkerish feeling!


Sorcha Chumomisto said...

i will make a point of commenting more often to let you know i've been by. expect notes comprised entirely of a single period. [a whole period? my gods what is the world coming to?]

Mighty Jalapeno said...

What's it coming to? Girls giving guys periods.

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

and its about time too. the playing field has been unlevel for so long now....

Mighty Jalapeno said...

Hush, or no rides next book sale.

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

*crickets chirp*