Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And Now, Shakespeare's Greatest Soliloquy...

... in haxor, baby.

70 b3 0r n07 70 b3, 7h47 i5 7h3 qu357i0n — \/\/h37h3r '7i5 n0b13r in 7h3 mind 70 5uphph3r 7h3 51in65 4nd 4rr0w5 0ph 0u7r4630u5 ph0r7un3, 0r 70 74k3 4rm5 464in57 4 534 0ph 7r0ub135, 4nd by 0pp05in6, 3nd 7h3m. 70 di3, 70 5133p — N0 m0r3; 4nd by 4 5133p 70 54y w3 3nd 7h3 h34r7-4ch3 4nd 7h3 7h0u54nd n47ur41 5h0ck5 7h47 ph135h i5 h3ir 70 — '7i5 4 c0n5umm47i0n ][)3v0u71y 70 b3 wi5h'd. 70 di3, 70 5133p — 70 5133p, p3rch4nc3 70 dr34m. 4y, 7h3r3'5 7h3 rub, Ph0r in 7h47 5133p 0ph d347h wh47 dr34m5 m4y c0m3, \/\/h3n w3 h4v3 5huphph13d 0phph 7hi5 m0r741 c0i1, /\/\u57 6iv3 u5 p4u53. 7h3r3'5 7h3 r35p3c7 7h47 m4k35 c414mi7y 0ph 50 10n6 1iph3, Ph0r wh0 w0u1d b34r 7h3 whip5 4nd 5c0rn5 0ph 7im3, 7h'0ppr3550r'5 wr0n6, 7h3 pr0ud m4n'5 c0n7um31y, 7h3 p4n65 0ph d35pi53d 10v3, 7h3 14w'5 d314y, 7h3 in5013nc3 0ph 0phphic3, 4nd 7h3 5purn5 7h47 p47i3n7 m3ri7 0ph 7h'unw0r7hy 74k35, \/\/h3n h3 him531ph mi6h7 hi5 qui37u5 m4k3 \/\/i7h 4 b4r3 b0dkin? wh0 w0u1d ph4rd315 b34r, 70 6run7 4nd 5w347 und3r 4 w34ry 1iph3, Bu7 7h47 7h3 dr34d 0ph 50m37hin6 4ph73r d347h, 7h3 undi5c0v3r3d c0un7ry phr0m wh053 b0urn N0 7r4v3113r r37urn5, puzz135 7h3 wi11, 4nd m4k35 u5 r47h3r b34r 7h053 i115 w3 h4v3 7h4n ph1y 70 07h3r5 7h47 w3 kn0w n07 0ph? 7hu5 c0n5ci3nc3 d035 m4k3 c0w4rd5 0ph u5 411, 4nd 7hu5 7h3 n47iv3 hu3 0ph r3501u7i0n 15 5ick1i3d 0'3r wi7h 7h3 p413 c457 0ph 7h0u6h7, 4nd 3n73rpri535 0ph 6r347 pi7ch[1] 4nd m0m3n7 \/\/i7h 7hi5 r364rd 7h3ir curr3n75 7urn 4wry, 4nd 1053 7h3 n4m3 0ph 4c7i0n.

Yeah, baby. Feel the Genius of the Bard.

Feeling a little better today than... earlier today, now that I've had time to ingest everything, mull it over, vent, have a Coke, and relax a little bit. I went for a walk with Junior tonight, since the excercise is good for his knees, and it's hardly bad for my fat ass, either. Along the way, among the many things we talked about, we had this discussion:

Son: "We should go home, it's too dark out."
Dad: "It doesn't matter if it's dark, I'm here with you."
Son: "Yeah, but Mommy will be worried."
Dad: "She's not worried, because you're with me."
Son: "Why is you're with me not make her worried?"
Dad: "Because I'm here to protect you."
Son: "But there's lots of scary things."
Dad: "Yeah, and she knows I'm scarier than all of them."
Son: "Are you scarier than all of the things out here that are scary?"
Dad: "Darn right."
Son: "What about cars sneaking up on us and running us over?"
Dad: "I'm way scarier than them."
Son: "Is that because you have boots, and you kick them?"
Dad: "You bet. I'm way scarier than cars."
Son: "What about monsters?"
Dad: "I hit them until they run away, too."
Son: "Good. Hitting monsters is good. Mom isn't worried now."

And one of my all-time favorite thread-pics...

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Elen said...

Sebby is just. Too. Cute. Seriously, give that kid a hug for me!

And wow...I never knew Shakespeare could be written in such a wonderful way. It really speaks to me ;)