Friday, June 10, 2005

Run! It's Hot! Hot, I Say!

Which is, of course, something that fat people like myself are not too fond of. Hot weather is kinda like our Kryptonite, which makes us everyone else's Kryptonite, because as soon as we start to simmer in full sunlight, the skinny people flee. Hopefully, the AC in the office will stop defying physics and stay where we set it.

Seriously, every day, sometimes two or three times a day, I'll have to turn the AC down to 21. I'll enjoy the cooler air, but an hour later I'll be sweating, and what do I find when I investigate? It's back up to 24. No-one in the office touched it (I can see it from my desk very easily), but the software constantly likes to reset itself to 24 degrees. This is very sucktacular, since 24 is quite painful for some reason.

Well, I don't mind. Someone brought donuts. Mmmm.... donuts.

EDIT: The donuts are day old. Fblearchgh.

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funnymanmike said...

its been so hot in ontario the last while dood, i have just taken 3-4 cold showers a day. my hair is fooked though oh well.