Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I No Longer Have Head Explodey!

Or at least I seriously hope I don't, given that I have run out of medication. There's a little bit of lingering pain, but that might just be inflamed tissues, and not the bacteria re-loading their guns and mounting a counter-offensive against my noggin.

In other news, work is getting crazier as we get closer and closer to these buildings getting finished off. Of course, these buildings will NEVER get finished, in the sense of Xeno's paradox. The closer we get, the more details have to be drawn up, and while those changes are being implemented, a few less details will be needed. While those changes are being made, they'll find a few mistakes and we'll need new details, as well as revised old ones. And so on, until the Universe collapses at the corner of Tranquille and Sydney Ave.

I saw all this in a premonition yesterday as I was driving away from the jobsite. I looked in the rearview mirror, saw the pattern of raindrops in my rear window, and that somehow triggered the worst seizure I've had this year. I was halfway to Rayleigh before I remembered where I was supposed to be going, turned my car around on the highway, and headed back to the office. There was music I remembered, and someone in a hat, but mostly the raindrops in the windows was the major thing I recall, and the major reason for the seizure, which is odd, because it never has been before. Well, thats what I get for having a defective brain. Serves me right.

Well, back to work. I have to draw things that never existed, and may never exist. I feel like a cartoonist.


Anonymous said...

You have seizures? I never knew about that!

Mighty Jalapeno said...

I thought I told everyone about that. Well, except my family, since they don't believe me, but I was sure everyone else knew. Yeah, I have "epilepsy mild". Kinda like salsa.