Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hey, The Pot And The Kettle Are BOTH Black!

China cencors US
US censors China

And it was amusing.

In other news, we might be moving to Barriere. If it's any help, people here in Kamloops think Barriere is a hick town. See above for pot-kettle references. Why would we move there, you ask? Well..... $104,000 for a quarter acre with a 3 bedroom house and a 1 bedroom house. The one bedroom house can be rented out for $550 a month. The mortgage and taxes would be $550 a month for the whole property, so we would basically be living on a three bedroom house on a quarter acre of our own land for free.

Now, personally, that seems like a good deal to me, because we'd be able to save up to build our own house in record time. Sure, it would bean a 40 minute highway commute every day, but I like driving, and it's a really nice, easy stretch of road. In addition, Barriere is right in the middle of a narrow valley, so it's temperate, the sun rises an hour later and sets two hours earlier. This place was MADE for my pale ass!

:) Short blog, nothing fun today. Jacko may be a batshit fucking loco psycho whackjob, but I guess it can't get him convicted. And lets be clear on this... he isn't innocent. He was FOUND innocent. In the same way that the Earth isn't flat, but everyone SAID the Earth was flat. What you say has no bearing on the truth.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment!

mark said...

yeah, but it's Barriere...