Thursday, November 11, 2004

In Response To An E-Mail I Got...

... from "Citibank".

Dear Citibank,

Please note that I do not have, nor have I ever, nor will I
ever, have an account with your branch, compounded with the fact
that you got my e-mail address wrong both in the address line of
the header, and in the body of the document.

Also note that the "secure link" is actually an unsecure
redirection to a well-hacked location, and I would not click it
if you paid me to.

Finally, this is your seventh e-mail of this kind this year.
Clearly you are unaware than I am not a subscriber, which I hope
to correct.

Please kindly fuck off and die.

Thank you,

Not A Customer.


Anonymous said...

it wasn't really from citibank, you dillweed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I rather think that was the point. Please don't post unless you understand the blog.