Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Enough Stuff To Do

For the first time since I've started here, they've given me instructions in a clear, well-ordered format, allowing me to work efficiently (and without interruption) for most of the day, and probably tomorrow. I am promised this sort of behaviour will continue.

In other news, I am actually impressed that I am still awake. I start yawning and my eyes start watering around noon, and this lasts until 4 or 5. Around that time, I pass out of tired and into the "awake by sheer willpower" stage a lot of you night-owls will understand. At this point, I have less than no energy but I keep going because I have to. I've been at this stage since early October. On the plus side, Steph wants to have another baby so I will have ample opportunity to practice and explore this phenomena further.

So, let's see, whats in the news today? Microsoft plans to rip off Yahoo and somehow make something better than Google, nature backs bullies, medical corporations are trying to prevent the cure for Diabetes, and we still don't know how many people voted for Bush.

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