Monday, February 12, 2007

Mini-Me's Birthday

We had it at the pool, and as per his requests (over the past three months), it was a surprise party. This worked out well, because he has a pretty lousy memory for things like that. Throkky went "garage-saling" with her mom that morning around 11, so they could pick up the cake and order the pizza and buy everything they need for the party. Then me and the kids went out for a bit to go to see our friends Dave and Mishy.

Of course, we had to pick up their pizzas along the way, but when we got to their place, they weren't there! Gasp! So I told the kids that they were still at the pool, so we had to go pick them up. We head to the pool, and sure enough there's Dave outside having a smoke. We grabe the pizzas, wrangle the kids, and head inside.

Everyone jumps out from behind the table we reserved, and yells SURPRISE!!!

My son, true to form, looks stunned, and almost starts crying. He walks up and hides behind me, and it's almost three minutes before we get him loosened up to smile. *sigh* So much like me, despite my best efforts...

The party itself was a success, though. Most of his cousins, some of his friends, pizza and cake, a pool with a waterslide, and presents galoe (including some SWEET ones). The part I'll remember most, though, was putting him to bed that night:

Son: That wasn't a nice lie you told me today, Dad.
Dad: Well, I had to get you to the pool, with pizzas, without you figuring out it was a surprise party.
Son: Here's what you should have said, you should have said that we were just going for a little swim.
Dad: I'm sorry, I just thought it was going to be good to be a surprise party.
Son: I almost cried. That wasn't a good lie. Don't do that again.

I thought he was going to ground me.


Lastly... sweet fancy moses, hot diggitty daffodil, it's actually happening! 300 is arriving!


lostdwarf said...

Sebby really is the cutest thing ever.

Mighty Jalapeno said...

He is. We checked.

Perchta/Kat said...
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Perchta/Kat said...

p.s. 300 looks good, if only for all the hotties that will be dying in it, lol.

Perchta/Kat said...

Seb's cute, for a boy, lol. My girls are much cuter.

Stephanie said...

Kat, that's because you've never seen our girl in person. She actually has 25 different types of cute. We had her tested and everything, very gifted.

Mighty Jalapeno said...

You should see her eat toast. SO CUTE!