Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fear My Crunchy Family

My son is just chock full of surprises.

Last night, he was chock full of something new, when Throkky (wife) announced that I was supposed to have made asparagus with dinner, because Zalgite (son) had announced earlier that he wanted to try it. Then my son pipes up with a speech about he wants to try and like EVERYTHING, except brussel sprouts. Sure enough, he pops a whole asparagus tip in his mouth, after covering it in red vinegar. "Mmmmmmm! Good!"

Then he has two more spears, dipping them liberally in a puddle of red vinegar, and totally forgetting about his spaghetti. He finishes it all eventually, and as a reward for trying something new, he got dessert... a tofu banana smoothie. Dessert tofu, banana, orange juice and some Blueberry Greens+, making for a brownish-purple goo which... tastes surprisingly good. I got to have some, because I had asparagus, too. I used to hate it, and now it's not that bad.

My family is crazy. Tonight, Zalgite will try meatloaf for the first time, and if he likes it, more smoothies! (Really, the smoothies are important since my son's medication destroys his got flora, and he needs the tofu and Greens+ to help it back.)


WackieJackie said...

Zalgite is so awesome! I'm totally with him on the brussel sprouts. I don't think I've ever had one, and I'm not interested at all.

lostdwarf said...

Did he like meatloaf?

Anonymous said...

I won't eat brussel sprouts due to a narsty experience at a family dinner where the brussel sprouts were not prepared properly and when sliced open white maggot type criiters oozed and squirmed out hence no Brussel sprouts for this Grimsby