Thursday, January 11, 2007

Goodbye, Forums

Well, that's probably it for me. I've now been told in no uncertain terms that I am not welcome on the only forum left that I enjoy hanging out on. About a month ago, I was repeatedly insulted and told to leave my favorite, and most long-lasting, forum, and today I've be quite impolitely asked to vacate my 'current' one.

This, combined with the repeated lifetime bannings I've gotten on other boards, has led me to one inescapable conclusion: it is impossible to ignore anything on the Internet. In absolutely every single case of every disagreement on every forum I've ever been on, if the other posters had just read, and ignored, whatever it was that made them mad at me (me personally), then I would still be hanging out there, and enjoying myself. If they had decided not to be offended by something that was not said with the intent to offend, there would not have been any problems, anywhere, ever.

But that's too difficult.

Therefore, I bid adieu to the world of online message boards. I will continue to comment on UserFriendly and PvP, and maybe Slashdot, but that's about it. No more Internet discussions for me, because it's getting far, far too difficult to put up with the people who have 'board seniority', and are therefore always right.

On the plus side, this should free up enough time for me to finish several books, get into shape, and maybe cure cancer.

In honor of all the people who are incapable of dealing with reality:
You Know Who You Are


Anonymous said...

atta boy. stick it to the man.

Anonymous said...

atta boy, stick it to the man.

Throkmorton said...

Hahaha, Anon. That's ironic, if you knew what forum it was...

mothshade said...

My mighty lil' buddy...I gotta wonder what it is you could possibly be doing to alienate so many of the fine denizens of this, the glorious Internet. I can't possibly begin to conceive of how you could fail to get along with the cream of humanity that the glorious Internet provides we mere mortals with on a daily - nay, hourly basis. The glorious Internet giveth far more than we, as mere mortals, could possibly deserve...and those who lovingly and capably guide our online destinies certainly have things well in hand for the good of all.

There. Feel better now? Join my Forum, I will happily bloody your virtual nose and make you feel like less of a worthwhile individual. I feel it is my duty since I preside over my very own digital domain.


Eilan said...

Awww, Z. We shall miss you.

Eilan said...

That didn't come out quite right, i think. I mean to say that if you no longer appear in the forum from which i know you, i shall be sad. So come back if you like, as you are missed there. (And hi, Throkky!)

Mighty Jalapeno said...

I might stick around in some threads, since I have been informed that the people who blasted me did NOT speak for everyone.

Even so, I'm toning it back.

And Elian, you are from a different forum, but you are from one of my favorite and most long-lasting ones. But after the bullshit I had to put up with in early December, I'll stick to reading it from now on.

Say hi to Lost for me!

lostdwarf said...

Say hi to her, yourself! Like you don't have my email, bastard.

Plus, I want you to send me dish. What the hell happened?!

lostdwarf said...

I have an extraneous comma in my comment, don't I?

Eilan said...

Geez, lostie, can't take you, anywhere, can, we?

And you're still welcome to pop in, Z.

Mighty Jalapeno said...

We'll see.

And I lost your e-mail address in the Great Computer Bowel Movement of ought-six. I'll try to find it again...

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