Friday, December 01, 2006

Merry Freakin' December

So, you all know that last month when the dishwasher busted, and water flooded into our subfloor and basement, we called the insurance company and set it up so that these contractors would come in and fix it. Well, they came in on Monday / Tuesday and fixed the structure, and Kami Carpets came in Wednesday / Thursday to fix the floor, put in new lino and baseboards.

Well, we JUST found out they SHOT A FUCKING NAIL THROUGH A HOT WATER PIPE.... know what that means?

We have water underneath our subfloor, and is now dripping into our basement, AND we had to turn off the hot water. Throkky is just about tipped over the edge, since she's been out at the farm, unable to go outside because of the weather, and she's been home since last night with every appliance in our house stacked in the living room, unable to even make macaroni... and now they have to come back AGAIN, fix the floor AGAIN, put down new lino AGAIN, new baseboards AGAIN, and this time NOT SHOOT THE FUCKING HOT WATER PIPES WITH NAILS...

... and who knows how long it's going to take. For the excess of four grand that we're paying them, it had really, really, really be done before I get home from work.


UPDATE: It's morning, 8:55am, and they showed up with a plumber. I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

wow, that's awful!

almost ex cut through a water pipe a few months ago (while wiring stuff in the ceiling), and it was a real mess.

so I feel for ya. ((hugs)) to you and Throkky!

jophan said...

Unfortunately, this kind of error is pretty common. When my sister had her kitchen redone, everything looked fine -- until her husband went down to the basement next day and found an inch of water. The refrigerator icemaker connection was loose.

Glad its fixed now.

Mothshade said...

Good Old-Fashioned American Know-How...GOFAKH yourself today!