Sunday, October 01, 2006

Doo Bee Doo Bee Dooo......

As some people have to poignantly reminded me lately (including a total stranger from PVP), I have a blog, and they have empty lives in need of fulfillment. A special kind of fulfillment. The kind of fulfillment that can only be provided by an overweight and overworked father of two in the middle of Canada's western province. Go figure. I'm happy I'm not you guys... I get my fulfillment from Jon Stewart and Motorhead. ROCK!

Ok, ok, so you want me to write something deep? Meaningful? As Jon Stewart said on Crossfire, "I will not be your monkey". I will, however, perform for treats, and as my wife has just handed me some cookies, there will me laughter and merriment galore!

NaNo is starting in EXARCTLY one month, and just to get writers in the mood, NaNo has decided to.... to shut down it's forums. Yeah. No-one can post anymore. Yeah. Way to go, guys. Get 80,000 writers onto a forum, and a month before the highlight of their literary year is set to start, they take away our ability to write to eachother. *slow clapping* Congratulations. Somewhere, a Wal-Mart is marking down prices on Pizza Pops and Kool-Aid telling people they can't have any.

So, did anyone see Heroes? Does anyone think that, just maybe, the writers on that show need to be told that lifting dialogue directly from four-color print comics perhaps won't work well with live-action people? That maybe some sort of, oh, I don't know, "eh-dit-ing" might be required? Possibly to update the language so that it sounds like something humans might say? I'm stoked on the concept (WOO! Superheroes!), I'm stoked on the characters (WOO! Strip-whore mom!), and I'm stoked on Adrian Pasdar (WOO! Jim Profit! WOO!), but the show is not trying very hard to get me to keep watching.

Also, speaking of superheroes and comic books... why the hell is Tony Stark being made a NON-ALCOHOLIC for the Ironman movie? Seriously, what the hell? It's JON fucking FAVREAU, and he's changing Tony Stark from bubbly remorseful alcoholic into chipper upbeat Tony Stark? That's like making Venom a skinny little pale... oh, wait, Sam Raimi is doing that right now (but it's still Topher Grace, so I'll slightly forgive him). Ok, then it's just like making a Transformers movie and making Optimus Prime something other than a semi-truck, and... oh wait, they're doing that, too. Ok, it's like making a Superman movie and... and... ok, it's like making an X-Men movie and making Dark Phoenix a complete pushover, and...

Oh, god DAMMIT, I hate Hollywood.

The worst part about Tony Stark not being a substance abuser? He's being played by Robert Downey Jr! WHAT THE HELL!!! Why pick Robert Downey Jr to play an alcoholic superhero IF YOU'RE NOT GONNA MAKE HIM DRINK?!?!?!? At least Topher Grace has godly acting chops, at least Optimus Prime still looks cool, and at least Hugh Jackman still comes off as badass, but COME ON!

*head explodey*

There, was that deep enough for you guys?

I got perma-banned from NPF again. This time, though, they keep inviting me to come back just so they can ban be again. Amusingly, I was banned for arguing with one specific poster, Adamark, and while he was not even chastised, I was permanently banned. Again. I'm starting to think that I need a forum where I can talk about stuff like this and not get banned, because the only person I know I can even vaguely discuss things like politics with is my wife, and since we watch and read all the same shows and articles, and more or less share the same views, it doesn't have the jab and thrust, the give and take, as a real discussion does (although it does sound naughty, doesn't it?)

Ok, enough of all that stuff. Let's get to the free links and pictures, otherwise you people will get mad and not come back, and then who will read my evanescent rantings?

Free Music Videos Of The Day: Anime AMV - Van Halen's Right Now

Amusing Pic of the Day:

Sebby's Quote of the Day - This one is more of a dialogue, and bear with me, I am trying to recreate this from memory:

Seb: "Ok, that is your goal (points to the shed) and this is my goal (points to a section of fence) and the ball goes in the middle. Ok?"
Me: "Ok. Go!"

*we play for a little bit*

Me: "Yay, I scored! One to zero."
Seb: "No, you didn't, your points are dirty." (Mimes taking a point off of a score board, and scrubbing it, then throwing it away.)
Me: "What? What do you mean?"
Seb: "It's the rules of soccer, the ball was in the dirt, so the point was dirty, I threw it away."

*we play for a little more*

Seb: "Yay, I scored!"
Me: "No, you didn't, you hit the gardenbox."
Seb: "That's your goal now, too."
Me: "Since when?"
Seb: "Since I got invisible players." (points to the fenceposts)
Me: "How come you get invisible players?"
Seb: "Because they're near my goal. Those are your players." (points to flowers)

*seb goes to his side of the yard, and talks to the fenceposts*

Seb: (to fencepost) "How are you doing? Are we winning? Daddy's good at soccer, but he gets dirty points."
Me: "I wan't better invisible players."
Seb: "No."

*we play for a bit*

Me: (kicking the ball into a fencepost) "Awww, he blocked me."
Seb: "Yeah, he's better than you! HAHAHAH! I get another point!"
Me: "What, why?"
Seb: "I took your point and washed it, now it's mine!" (mimes putting a point from his pocket onto a scoreboard)

I so completely can't keep up with my four year old son.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! THAT is the cutiest thing I have ever read!!!!!!!! *sighs* I miss my son being like that!

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