Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wake Me When September Ends

I couldn't think of a good title.... can you tell?

Well, August 31st. Hot diggity. Let's see, what's in the news today?

I bought an N64! I rented my favorite game! I see it when I close my eyes! ACK! That's right, F-Zero X... the greates, and fastest racing game in the Universe. What makes it so cool? Well, it has 30 cars to chose from, and to race on 24 tracks on four difficulty levels, and you have to beat various tracks on various difficulties to unlock more cars. There's ramps, theres loops, there's inverted tracks, there's tubes, there's inverted tubes, theres half-pipes, there's land-mines... there's everything. But you wanna know what this racing game has that no other racing game has ever been able to duplicate?

A Random Race generator.

That's right. No matter how good you get, no matter which car you use, you can hit Random Race, and get a course no-one has ever seen before, and get your ass whupped, or hurled into space, or just blown up. It's amazing... hairpin curves, upside-down jumps (instant death!) or maybe just a field of lava that slowly melts your car... this game has it all!

In other news, Poppy cut her first tooth! At three months old! Truth be told, if you take into account that she was late, and go from her DUE date, then she is three months and three weeks, so just one week ahead of the standard "normal" time for a kid to cut their teeth early, but this is still way early! We hope to have her potty trained by Christmas.

Allright, time for some fun links to keep you people coming back....

Free Song / Music Video: Stroke 9 - How Many People Wanna Kick Some Ass (feat. Jay & Silent Bob)

Free Funny Video: Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry - Tony Control

Amusing Pic Of The Day:

Sebby's Quote Of The Day:
"Daddy, it's time for you to come downstairs and play Nintendo hockey with me. Do what I say."


Mothshade said...

Hello...Mothshade here. Thanks for the comment over at PVP. Like your blog(s) and thought I'd return the favor by giving you the link to mine. If you're ever on Yahoo, feel free to buzz by:

It isn't great stuff, but has its moments.

P.S. The Captain Kirk pic is fucking choice.

Anonymous said...

It's now October.. WAKE UP!! Post something new would ya!!