Thursday, August 17, 2006

Injuries, Drugs, Seizures, Oh My!

I now need an elbow brace to complement my brace of braces (brace, in this case, meaning 'pair'). My left hand's terminus fingers (pinky and ring) are now pretty much numb. They feel cold and hot at the same time, but they don't pick up much in the way of pressure sensation, certainly not cutting (ask me how I know that). The nerve that handles them runs through the elbow, which I've ground down to a nub through years of leaning.

On the flip side, I am now catching up on a lot of my sleep thanks to taking Valerian Root extract pills. I fall asleep faster, and even though I still wake up five times a night, I fall asleep EASIER during those periods. I've been well rested in the mornings. Yesterday mornng, Poppy got me up at 3am. I fed her at 3:30, finished at 4, and at 4:30 she succeeded in convincing me she wasn't sleepy (by screaming and kicking me). So, I get up and watch TV until it's time to go to work, after less than four hours of sleep. Last night, I take my Valerian, go to bed reasonably early (10:40) and Throkky let me sleep until 7am!

So, naturally, at 9am, I had a seizure. Why do I bother catching up on sleep if I have seizures AFTER the catch-up sleep? Gyah!!!

All stressed out now... I have to go drive Throkky home from Seb's soccer class which he said he didn't want to go to... until it was time for me to go to work, when he went postal and said he changed his mind and HAD to go to soccer. Throkky then had to shower, eat, get the kids dressed, and bring them in on the bus so Seb wouldn't be intolerable for the rest of the day (which he will be, anyways.)


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lostdwarf said...

Gak! Gak, gak, gak! The injuries, the seizures, gak!

Though it's good that you're getting enough sleep. How's work been treating you?