Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Did I Just Pay You $1300?

I mean, let's look at the history here so far.

1.) You take my money, then wait three weeks to send me a laptop computer from Ireland.
2.) You send me a BROKEN computer, with a damaged, nigh-unreadable screen.
3.) You wait two more weeks to send me a replacement laptop, from Toronto this time.
4.) The replacement computer has a damaged, nigh-unreadable DVD Burner (which I tried to ask NOT TO GET, but I wasn't allowed to not get it). Laptop DVD burners are notorious for being completely unable to read CDs.
5.) Anytime I run the Search function, I have to reboot the computer.
6.) Anytime I move more than ten files in Explorer, I have to reboot the computer.
7.) If I'm unlucky enough to accidentally pop in a new CD, I have to reboot the computer.

Tell me, what is the "Dell Advantage" of the "Blazing Fast Dual-Core Processor" and "Windows XP Small Business Edition" I paid substantially more than my monthly mortgage to get, when I am unable to perform tasks that my x86 could handle on Windows 3.1 thirteen years ago?

I'd really, REALLY like to know.

Only upside for today? BroYay!


lostdwarf said...

Stop feeding my addiction! It's already a chore to leave my home!

lostdwarf said...

Oh and I forgot to say that you made me feel so happy that I got my laptop from Best Buy instead of Dell. I don't need mine to do as much as you need yours to do (wow, what an awful sentence) which helps but damn.

Mighty Jalapeno said...

What addiction? Blog-reading? Bro-Yay? Dell-hate? Self-love? Because that's just gross...

Perchta/Kat said...

hey, I've had a laptop for over a year now, and the cd bit works awesome, always has.

blame dell!

lostdwarf said...

BroYay, specifically Wincest.

Now I feel dirty.

Mothshade said...

Self-love is gross? Well then, kindly turn your head while I give myself a much-needed hug.