Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yar, She Be A Remorseless Eating Machine...

Poppy has had three six-ounce meals today, after a week of two-ounce meals. Just... stop... EATING! We need SLEEP! It's EVERYWHERE...

So, record high temperatures today. The thermometer at the farm that was sitting in the sun read 47 degrees, and the one in the shade by the back of the house read 38. The one in the shade by the front read 34, and I can believe it. Wooo! Thanks do our lovely dark-brown metal roof and sub-standard insulation, the cieling inside our living room is noticeably warmer than the shade-side walls. Wheee!

So all last night we have the screened windows and doors open to let in the cool 4am air. At 7am when the sun is just starting it's Easy-Bake routine on our neighborhood, I shut thr windows, shut the doors, shut the blinds, turn on the fans, and put the huge box-fan on the basement stairs to suck the INCREDIBLY cold air from our basement up to the upper floors. Seriously, there is a noticeable 10 degree temperture change when you go down those stairs. Anyway, all day today it was... bearable! It wasn't nauseatingly warm! SUCCESS!

Allrighty, enough of me whining about how much fat people hate high, humid temperatures... let's get to what you all came here for.

Free Song Of The Day:
13 Stitches - Land Of The Strange

Hi-Larious Pic Of The Day - A Three-Parter, And This Is ACTUALLY REAL:

Sebby's Quote Of The Day:
"Did we make my room messy with toys? Then Mommy has to clean it up, because she made the mess. I'll supervise."

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