Friday, June 23, 2006

And You Are Outta Here!

So one of the new fellers in the office, one of the guys with less seniority but more authority (Well, to be honest, he has like 30 years experience, but he's new to this office) was fired today. Worse, no-one seems to know why, and we're all afraid to as Greg, the boss and partner who did the firing, exactly why. Worst, though, Jason, the fire-ee, was the only one in the office who treated me like anything other than a teenager who didn't understand the world. Other than three people, I've been here loger than anyone else in the office, and while I don't have as much industry experience as many of them, I have picked up a modicum of information about what goes on around here.

On the plus side, our engineer was also fired. This is mostly due to, as far as I can tell, him billing our office for a great many hours, at $110 per hour, for work that I actually did, based off of a 3 minute sketch that the guy faxed over to us two days after I asked him a question. Our new engineer is the guy who took 5 weeks to get an answer from when he agreed to stamp the plans for the house I designed for my friends parents.

All in all, I'm glad I know people who work in other offices who need skilled technologists, since my office is sort of attrition-happy.

Free Song Of The Day: Kamloops Double-Hit!
Dave McLean - And It's Only Tuesday
Cozy Gelpod - Beautiful Thing Sweet Jesus, I love this song...

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Sebby Adorable Quote Of The Day:
"I read all of Hop On Pop by myself, except where I read after you talked and pointed with your finger to the words I don't know, then I read them."

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