Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Women...

... small, warm, and covered in chocolate.

The reason for this enigmatic half-truth? Steph's french press lets me make single-serving super-charged mochas in the mornings now to help me get over my Coke fixation. I need a sugar kick in the mornings or I'm just a beached whale all day. I've done tests, and I am less productive on days where I don't start with a large dose of sugar. I am also prone to more seizures as my brain remains tired. Don't ask me why.

Well, here I am working on another old folks home. New job, same stuff, although with a larger network and more computer people all using different versions of software, I am somehow less productive despite having less work to do. Hooray!

I am coming along designing the house for the Shimmins'. They like the H-shaped dual-unit, since Laing's brother Phil will get 1/3 of the house. they also want the adobe style, which is great, since it's delightfully inexpensive when mixed with straw-bale contruction. They bought 40-odd acres in Knutsford, and they'll be partitioning it up after they get their house built. It's pretty sweet.

Not much else to write about. Uhm, amusing factoids: even Bushes hate Bushes, the least scientific debate ever, final score in the greatest blooper sport ever, and pop culture Superfight Finals. There. Read those. Then go away. Amuse yourself.

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