Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Weight-Training Cardio

Since I'm a huge fatass, my left leg has a medial tibial stress fracture. This doesn't mean my leg is broken, it means it's GOING to break. Consequently, I have to lose about 80 lbs (people who know me know that it's not as bad as it sounds, unless they're all lying to me about how fat I really am). the best way to lose weight when most of it is extra body fat around the middle is cardiovascular exercise, the main three of which I can't do right now: walking, running, jogging. Busted leg.

Now I'm sure you're all saying "Well what about swimming?" The truth is, I don't like to swim. I was stoked when we moved into a townhouse complex with a pool, but I really don't like it. I'm probably doing it wrong, but I'm not gonna take swimming lessons at this point in my life. Mostly I just go to the pool to watch my son dogpaddle in circles, and then sink.

Thanks to the handy helpful people online, I've found out a lot about freeweight cardio training, which, for people like me, is very effective. Physiotherapists have been doing it for decades for people with leg injuries. Cardio training with high reps and low weights is more effective for people like me, since the workout the muscles recieves causes them to burn energy and suck oxygen for long after the workout ends. With jogging, muscles settle into rhythm, and don't require as much nutrients when they return to a resting state.

From Mens Health:

"1st Round
1 set of 25-30 Bench Press
1 set of 25-30 Lat pull down
1 set of 25-30 Shoulder Press
1 set of 25-30 Chest Flies
1 set of 25-30 Curls ( very important )
1 set 0f 25-30 Tricep press ( Very Important )
1 set of 25-30 situps or crunchs
Repeat with no rests 3 times
( the curls and triceps are important to do because they are your weakest muscle compared to others so they have to get worked harder so they develope faster to support the workout )

Also, you will lose weight because muscle requires more enegy to maintain so the more muscle you develop the more fat you burn. I had a severe back injury from a motorcycle accident and could not run or bike for 18 months. This program was put together for me by my physical therapist and damn if it didnt work!"

Once I lose some weight, I'll be able to job and bike without fear of my leg snapping like a chicken bone. Mmmm, chicken. Mmmm, fried chicken.....

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Anonymous said...

well, if it's any consolation, I'm a huge fat ass too!! WOO HOO!! I just joined the gym this week so I'm hoping to change that real soon. I hope all goes well for you and then you heal up quick. Later!