Thursday, April 14, 2005

This Is Just So Damn Depressing

The first post in this thread is in reference to a post I made in ANOTHER thread (I am WanderingWombat). Now, there's 10 posts per page for 5 pages, so it only takes 10 minutes to read, but there's only ONE guy on the board who seems to agree with me. Everyone else is a Bush-backer who has never questioned a single action of this man.

Best quote:

Me: $80+ billion on a war, and $1.5 billion on education over 5 years? Yeah, the extra 10 bucks a year for 5 years for 30 million kids is really gonna help them through high school.

SithDarth: Every little bit helps,


Anonymous said...

Why do YOU NEVER POST ANYMORE!! geeze louise!

Mike said...

is that why you got banned on there?

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